Sunday, April 8, 2012

the world didn't want me to fill my car tyres with air tonight, but i prevailed in the end! went to two gas stations that just happened to be renovating this week! the third one was open, but they didn't hv a pressurised air thing. the fourth one was closed by the time i got to it after midnight. and finally the fifth one, which i had to go out of my usual route home to get to, was open AND had the air thing. this was the first time i filled the tyres by myself and the machine wouldn't co-operate T__T the air didn't automatically flow when i attached the nozzle, and sometimes it stopped to a different pressure then wat i set it too.. and i couldn't get the guy working there to help cos it was after midnight and he's not allowed to leave the cashier area :( oh well just glad i finally got the tyres filled.

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