Sunday, April 29, 2012

an update: biscotti probably has FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) instead of a bladder "infection" - ie. a non-specific lower urinary tract syndrome that cats get... the vet (a different one who seemed to be a better listener, thank goodness) ultrasound-ed her bladder and cysto'd some urine out. it's still very crystally and alkaline, but there's also some protein DDDD: which wasn't there before... the urine was also very concentrated (USG 1.050) which may be a cause or a result of the crystals... anyway, for now the urine will be cultured to see if there is bacteria in it or not, and i'll get the results by tuesday or so. 

i found this article which explains the disease simply

she may have to go on (expensive) prescription food from now on :S (the only thing i can think of that has changed in the last few months is: me leaving home, her changing to senior cat food.. there isn't much nutritional info on the food box so maybe the components are imbalanced and made her pee more basic). wet food is also better than dry food...but her teeth are already smelly :( 

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