Wednesday, December 30, 2009

moonlight cinema :)

just got back from centennial park! moonlight cinema is great :) not only was it on a hill, so that it wasn't hard to see the screen, but the weather was really nice too - not too cold/windy, and it didn't rain!! plus there was also one or two fireflies around when the film was playing which made the mood even nicer :) let's use the word magical lol.

dessert dinner XD (that sandwich thing is cake!)

nice evening sky:

movie's starting! we watched julie & julia. mouth-watering, funny & fun film :)

look who's making a secret appearance tonight x)

(biscotti sudden-jerks around quite a lot when she sleeps... *one eyebrow up*)

ugly cupcakes

looked into the oven when they were nearly done, and ALL the cakes overloaded in such weird shapes T__T like boobs or cones (though one was a perfect dome hehe)

anyway. these are Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes from martha stewart. the base is the normal biscuit/butter/sugar and then a layer of chopped dark choc then the cake. but since i had to put the cake mixture aside for a while to do some other stuff...some of the ingredients decided to separate in the bowl and i didn't mix them back well enough (ie. didn't ahahhahaha) i only stirred the tops lol so when i thought i finished dividing the cake batter, there was quite a lot of chocolate-y materials stuck to the bottom of the bowl ahahhahah so basically most of the choco material was poured separately into the cake paper case things. probably why they turned out a weird shape. the taste is quite good actually! though when i lifted them onto a wire rack to cool migod they were heavy (yes that's not a taste) the cake itself is not that sweet -but then again it's me saying this, and my sweet perception is very very tolerant. if that makes sense- so when u eat it with the biscuit bottom & the choc layer it's yumoooo! i didn't bother eating it neatly by the end though so i bunched it in my fingers and they seem to make a nicer tasting food-stuff that way! so yea i guess would be good to make cake pops like bakerella's!

here's the recipe:

Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes

makes 2 dozen (i made half only)

2¼ cups + 2 tbsp caster sugar
1¾ cups plain flour
¾ cup + 1 tbsp cocoa powder
1½ tsp baking powder
1½ tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt (didn't use this. couldn't go through the sieve anyway)
2 eggs
1 cup milk
½ cup vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup boiling water
1½ cup graham cracker crumbs (digestive biscuits)
76g unsalted butter, melted (why do american recipes measure butter using cups? anyway, here's a link with useful butter conversion measurements)
255g dark chocolate, finely chopped (i had tons left over.. maybe use 200g?)

1. preheat oven to 177 celcius (350 fahrenheit). line 2 standard muffin tins with cupcake liners.
2. sift 2 cups + 2 tbsp sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder & soda, (salt) into large bowl & mix together.
3. mix together eggs, milk, oil, vanilla & add to flour mixture. beat on medium speed for 30 sec - i assumed 15 sec for half a recipe (?). scrape down sides of bowl. mix for another 2 min. add boiling water, stir to combine.
4. stir graham cracker crumbs, remaining ¼ cup sugar, melted butter in bowl until well combined.
5. place 1 tbsp of biscuit mixture into bottom of each cupcake cases. pack crumbs together using bottom of a small glass/spoon. put 2 tsp of dark choc into each case, into oven for about 5 min til 'edges of the biscuit base is golden' dunno how you do this since they're INSIDE the case -___-
6. remove from oven & fill with cake batter (make sure ingredients combined!) til cases are ¾ full. sprinkle tops with leftover (or make some more) biscuit crumbs & chopped chocolate. (i didn't put anymore choc on top in case they were too sweet)
7. bake again for 18-20 min til cake tester comes out clean when poked through centre. rotate halfway through baking.
8. transfer to wire racks when done to cool for 10 min.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

windows why do you start downloading updates without asking me??? the net is super sloww already and as i am typing this, it has suddenly completed. from "20%" done a second ago -___-"

went to the brother's newsagency today (promotion hehe) which is opening on new year's day! so if you are in the city (in sydney) and need some newsagency-appropriate things.... go to the one on kent st! hehe it's 3 streets after the pitt st mall one. sticking price tags on the things though, i discovered their evilness. i shall just thank goodness that nearly all the stationery i use i've received as birthday gifts ie. rarely need to buy. yea. back to the point though: SHOP THERE! ahahhahahaha. and admire the nice, newly renovated interior too while you're inside :)

drove to buy some stuff from coles and la soeur decided to take the chance to teach me wisdoms at shell. so filled the car with petrol - 'vpower'. whatever that is - and whilst being conscious not to flick some around while putting the thing back in to its holder (what is it called?), i poured some onto the front of my pants T__T. good thing i wore dark coloured pants, but unfortunately, it was the heavy material, baggy/flare-y type T__T. so my legs smelt T__T. and then was paranoid about my pants catching fire.

um yea. going to the moonlight cinema tomorrow!! yayy! i've never been to an outdoor film before :D

Monday, December 28, 2009


wow. seeing their super idyllic world where everything is connected and how every single thing knows that fact, and how everything is just plain cool - especially at night - makes me want to live in pandora T__T . life also seems so exciting! (yea only seeing a 2 and a half hour version of it). i can't IMAGINE how you can get used to being so high up in the sky though (the scenes on trees -__-"). anyway, watching it in 2D made me want to watch the 3D version so badly cos everything was already so different and grand and vivid. and even though the reviews said the visuals are amazing but the story could be more creative, you can't help but still feel frustrated about what's happening but still wanna be happy for yourself. kinda reminded me of the bbc tribes kombai episode. so what do i think about the movie? the first word: wow.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

one of the melodies in john mayer's friends, lovers or nothing sounds like the final water boys performance song lol. (for those interested: ai no shirushi by puffy)
hope everyone had a fun xmas day :D
for some reason (besides the decorations, rearranged furniture, michael buble music, gift opening) the mood wasn't especially christmas-y.. just seemed like another family get together eating yummy food. not that that's ever a bad thing!

alien in the salad.

anyhow. here's our first proper tree!

i didn't know that the branches drop down like a plane tray table being opened when they get older! but they do! enough exclamation.

haha watched the grinch and then afterwards took photos of the presents hahahhaha yess... the message got to me... but still. new things are always nice to look at xD

yes i do like cats. but please don't turn me into a cat lady T__T (like that lady who registered my data for the citizenship test. her cubicle was filled with cat things - pictures, pen holder, some wooden cat faces on the pin board. and when she got up to get a print out, her chair swivelled and on the back there was an a4 paper stuck on with a picture of a really sad cat wearing a hello kitty costume with the type "don't move my chair" underneath)

and then at night, watched Coraline in 3D in a fully darkened room as advised. but got tired after a while cos my eye won't adjust T__T. and with the chilly weather, fell asleep. finished if today and the story is actually quite creepy...

then today... went boxing day shopping :) and time for a loot list hehe:
big bang theory season 1 dvd yay!
georgia nicholson series books
hana to yume (70% off!) with a hana kimi one-shot!! ohhhhhh


Friday, December 25, 2009

merry xmas everyone!

pic: lola's room

Thursday, December 24, 2009

the power of a wash

chinta seemed to dirty her house quicker than usual (strong waft of egh everytime you walked past). thought it was cos she's old - eat/poo/pee more. but then when cutting her nails i held her close to my face and she smelt D: so decided to wash her and when i finished, she lost about 3 years omg. and with the bulgy tummy and the fluffy hair it was like looking at a giant baby guinea pig!! OHHHHHHHH SO CUTEEEE!!!!! *drops on ground overwhelmed*

anyway. more:


printable 2010 pocket calendar

ruffle necklace

pic from jun's paintings via yay everyday (type 'kmrimg yay everyday' on google)
ladidadida stuffs post :D

crayon mug - nice colour :) (pepe's paperie)

cakespy big apple & patisserie card holders (all-mighty. site for boston terrier lovers!)

coffee mug sleeve (the container store)

hoping that the forecast is wrong for next wednesday when it's supposed it rain on the day of the moonlight cinema-ing.
and biscotti has just done a Stinky/Claude incident. except this time a #1 in the bathroom near the drain hole. thank goodness (really, how nice of her).

oh. i watched Summer Days With Coo today and it was good :) as in i would've been happy to spend money on it if i did watch it at the jap film festival. Coo is so cute! not appearance wise.. cos kappa are kinda weird looking, but what he does and how he says things. though the deaths in the film are quite graphic. NO it's not a spoiler.. i'm not telling you who/what/about what. lots of films have deaths. justification complete *looks around*.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

some funny posts from the debonair ahhahahhaha

Are You Anti-Douchebag?
Eyebrow dog
How much is that slow loris in the window?
Who is the cutest?

winston the cat

you know that ugly but cute cat called 'winston' who sometimes appears on cuteoverload? turns out his owner has a blog! (the link is all the winston related ones)

Monday, December 21, 2009


oscar ad campaign found from the pixar blog
the most beautiful opening sequence i have ever seen (as well as the back-breakingly funny fight scene XD)

prints by cassia beck on etsy - lola's room

Sunday, December 20, 2009
and again, my fingerprint has disappeared. (endless scrolling)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

how cosy-looking are these scarves! if only it was winter. i love the cold.

on another note: i don't want to finish the messenger by markus zusak! all his books (though i've only read one other) have such good stories! with actual things happening, not just conversations or ramblings, and so easy to read and immersifying. yes. not a word but gets my point across.

Friday, December 18, 2009

mmmm what wonderful weather for sleeping in ;) i love cold rainy days (when i'm indoors)

made betty crocker's milk choc chip cookies last night. and the red spoon guarantee was right. it is convenient and tasty. they were nice and soft and not too sweet but nothing can compare to the ultimate mrs fields' ones - though they are smaller and makes the brown paper bag clear really quickly, they are SO CHEWY and mmmmmm.

went to the uni sports centre to buy a textbook from someone and i have never felt so out of place. fit, lean, (sweaty) people who can only see the top of my head.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"an awesome book!"


alice in wonderland

new trailer!
it seems alice has been to wonderland before..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

articles + new links

mmmmm time wasteee

d30 - the magic polymer that is gooey but goes incredibly hard when hit, so used as shock absorbers in sports wear, ballet point shoes, etc etc
and to show the high level of "SUGEEEEE" as always, a japanese tv show :)

a smart ink-saving font
Inside the Studio of Hand Made Font
super cute mameshiba bentos!

new links on the side bar:
share some candy
notebook doodles
gemma correll blog

Monday, December 14, 2009

chi's sweet home 6 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg how could i have not known!!! since april too!!
must pester kino.
the australian, why didn't you publish the winners to the road to hogwarts comp as promised T__T ??? i felt bad flicking through the paper in the newsagent that i actually bought it. and then when i finally found the announcements section, it wasn't there T___T i read it so many times and screamed at it. :( :( yea i know.. probably not gonna win but STILL there's always hope! and also going there as a holiday some day is a nice thing to look forward to :)

i read that apparently full moons make people behave more violently. well, patients in hospitals anyway. and the next one is gonna be on NEW YEAR'S DAY!! no one does anything on the night of the new year, right? everything on the eve? ah dunno lah.

so sleepy.

taking the citizenship test tomorrow. 20 multiple choice questions. so before this... all you had to do was apply?

what i have started: a 3rd rock from the sun marathon. 'tis wonderful -‿-

illustrators i like - part 7

fifi lapin.

according to Elle magazine: 'the world's most stylish bunny'
you can also read about her life story on her profile.

i've linked to her site quite some time ago. anyway, here's some of my favourites (click to make the last one bigger).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

from yesterday at 11am:

looking at 3 guys running near a main road in a suburb area. no buses. now i know why people run with proper gym clothes.

Friday, December 11, 2009


wool biscotti is finished!


her duck print X)

yeah the ears make her look like a dog, but everything else is there :D stuffing the black wool onto her head made me realise how stupid her 'hair' print looks lol. reminds me of johnny depp in willy wonka cos that's the style i automatically think of when people say bad haircut. anyway. felt really weird when i had to shorten her neck (cos i was following instructions to make a deer) and had to basically decapitate her T___T and then rejoin it (karma.. i meant good..)

thought i'd show biscotti. but surprisingly instead of ignoring it like she does with everything/one, she starts attacking it! so now at least i know she likes wool-y things.. migod i got shocked though - she actually grabbed it and bit it! haihhhh if it fell apart omg.

size comparison (hm. useless if u dunno her head size.)

got a free sample for purina supercoat, and (apparently) it tastes better. so i'm giving it as a treat.

american (sesame) apparel

unemployed me. what i do: internet window shopping.
the sesame street things are because they are celebrating 40 years cette année :)

group shot tote
they also have a plain white tote! so can decorate however you like :D

honkers! they always made me laugh XD

yes not sesame street; but this snow cap looks so warm and comfortable 。*‿*。

cute 'memphis' socks

btw, i'll paste the faces which i got from the fine little day blog since they seem to be quite useful
。◕‿◕。 (◡‿◡) ᴖ‿ᴖ (◕‿◕) ^_^ ◉‿◉ *:* d[-_-]b °•° =_= ⊙▽⊙