Saturday, January 31, 2009


new shoes!


Friday, January 30, 2009

after saving the graniph t-shirt voucher for when i find one that i really like, was told yesterday - three days before the offer expired - that you had to pick from a selection of 200 they've put aside.
meaning.... by the time i realised, only TWO were left T____T and they were both LARGE T___T

so yesterday night, after spending what will probably take 20 minutes on a machine but around 5 hours in hand-sewing time including endless fails and restarts (sewed the sleeves shut; back-stitched on the wrong side; stitched on the wrong fold), resizing was done:

and now it fits properly! thank goodness for the many tutorials on the internet ; )

for more exciting news...
today i officialy became a UNI STUDENT!! (exclamation while the feeling still lasts)
caught the wrong bus in the morning. and arrived 50 minutes early. so walked to their library. it was still closed. and discovered that there's this bell music thing that plays from this building - i think- in the morning for a long time (calming music not irritating bell noises)

anyways, i "made" this hair tie last week - button attached to hair tie. hahaha so simple but never had the idea before.

*update: that bell-like sound was from the "carillon", a musical instrument - only 2 in the country!

Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year and australia day (relevant) peoples!

some goods news : )
found a website to stream the big bang theory season 2
got the uchouten hotel dvd
went to taronga zoo

Sunday, January 25, 2009

summer time machine blues!!

i just finished watching summer time machine blues it's SOOOO GOOODDDD!!!

i was laughing to the computer hahahhaa

but the time-travel is so frustrating (in a good way) at times! the "omg what will they do?? what's gonna happen next??"
but the intrigue and suspense is what makes it good, or "high tension" as they say in nihon go hahaha

ahhhh eita and ueno juri (her laugh is hilaaaarious!) ;D


extremely recommended!

review @

Thursday, January 22, 2009

illustrators i like - part 3

dave walker

he also has another blog called "the dullest blog in the world" which is as it's titled but nevertheless, smile-inducing.

cartoon from

cartoon from

cartoon from

cartoon from

illustrators i like - part 2

this is chris dent.
(linked from matthew dent's site. are they related?)

anyways. his work is AMAAAZINGGGGGGGGGG!!
click on them to zoom in and gaze in awe

illustrators i like - part 1

this is matthew dent.

tertiary thoughts

the enrolment/payment pdf document is so confusing!!!!
the explanations are SUPER detailed and uses all these acronyms and specific terms, and (what it seems to be) the summary/easy to read version, only starts on page THIRTY-THREE...!!!

(and watching gossip girl, i don't understand why in the U.S. the acceptance for uni comes before high school finishes. and why they still have to do school work and hand in tasks. and is it true that the SATs are all multiple choice??)

- and is "bachelor" from "baccalaureat"?-

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i'm getting the metalicus cardigan on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since the newcastle shop has it and they're sending it to the city shop on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

green glass

another find from
green glass makes cool recycled glasswares from beer and wine bottles.

corona beer glasses

amber boylan's soda glasses

sol beer glasses

rolling rock beer glasses

pillow pillow pillow

these pillows by aaron stewart are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! the brand is called "pillow pillow pillow" (go to the site for more pillows, tote bags, wall graphics)
small print is optional obsessive comments

elliot the cairn terrier

suki the akita

reminds me of my shiba obsession phase!!! akita looks like shiba. but bigger.

scooter and ruby the daschunds

cha cha the chi hua hua
hahahaha i like the fat roll on the chin.

oliver the labrador

i would buy SO MANY of these if i had my own house. but then i would become a dog freak.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


you know how nearly every site now has this button:

or "subscribe to feed" button...

that is RSS.

after making an account with bloglines or google reader or the many more sites which i'm not bothered to find out about,
you can go to your favourite sites and find and click on the orange button or the subscribe sign.
you go to your account and all your subscribed sites can be found on a list.
it also tells you when the site has been updated SO:
you don't have to waste time going to these sites everyday to check if there's something new (ie. saves time) , AND
reduces your internet downloads because you don't have to go to those sites to check!

message: rss is good.

here's where i got all this very-well explained information.
the video's VERY simple and clear and not that long.

happy moment

listening to music is really...happy-making. i brought another ipod shuffle to listen to today with different/new songs eversince the VERY long time when the other computer broke down and all the songs deleted. which means...that i could not plug in my original shuffle without losing all the songs that were in it (replaced by the new library).

my current favourite duffy songs: warwick avenue, delayed devotion, i'm scared.
playing them on repeat is no problemo at all.

(btw, i'll post some craft projects which i've favourited from various sites later)
ahhhh i feel so much safer...
i just changed the settings so only certain people can see "tagged" photos of me on facebook

(weird people are all around us.)
what i'm tired of: people not making an effort. if you don't know what to say, talk about yourself! there's always something to be said about that isn't there?? fun to be had...


for something less whiney...

jap films to watch
kame wa igai to hayaku oyogu (turtles swim faster than expected)
the uchouten hotel (the wow-choten hotel)
tokyo shoujo (tokyo girl)
handsome suits
niji no megami (rainbow song)
yogisha x no kenshin (suspect x)

books to find
kayte terry - complete embellishing: techniques & projects
m.j. hyland - carry me down

potentially good books in 2009
kazuo ishiguro - nocturnes (may)
reif larsen - the selected works of t.s. spivet (may)
m.j. hyland - this is how (jul.)
margaret atwood - the year of the flood (sep.)
markus zusak - bridge of clay (nov.)

btw, the metalicus cardigan and sirena con jersey sweater are both "buy-able" i guess...(the cardigan is even on sale! though only saves $40) but after you add the shipping fee and/or convert the price from $US... they're both nearing $100 each!!! *tear

Thursday, January 15, 2009

a fence does NOTHING.

iroiro mono

clouds sweater by sirena con jersey

the france of breads from strangemaps

moustache labbit by frank kozik (from robio)

starcats coffee tumbler from karuizawa suzuhiko

joyrider by moritz waldemeyer (from pingmag: "microchips gauge the wheel speed so the face remains still while the wheel spins")

rose necklaces, brooches from the magpie and wardrobe


the good thing about getting up early: more awake and happier for the rest of the day : )
(though does not seem like it at that exact moment)


threadless favourites!

jap tv series i want to watch: voice, love shuffle

(why? eita. tamaki hiroshi. self explanatory)
(their pictures on wiki.d-addicts are ugly - so look somewhere else)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a better quality picture of the clustrmap on the side:

looking at this makes me happy ahahhahah
(omg and shows how inaccurate the clustrmap is!!!!!!!!! oh nooooooo)

*edit: i'm wrong. it just hasn't loaded the new places yet.
obviously i'm bored. post numero tres!
these shirts are from busted tees - the funniest slogans! (besides some from threadless which i'll post later)

and this fish's pout is sooo funny ahahahahha (found it on cute overload)

(can't believe it's not noon yet. the first time in a week since i'm fully awake and ready at this hour)
in koki's video folder, the subheadings for the files are: one year ago, two years ago, and a long time ago. ahahahhahaha

colgate-y freshness

i found the sample of "colgate weekly professional clean" toothpaste which i got... dunno when in my drawer yesterday...
it claims to have the "same ingredient dentists use".
i tried it this morning... and after finished brushing, it seemed like the extra clean feeling comes from the fact that: the toothpaste is "concentrated"... so like using more toothpaste....
and that you have to keep brushing for a "full three minutes".

i'm not bothered to compare this to brushing with a normal toothpaste for a REALLY long and boring time and makes you have a wanting-to-regurgitate feeling since you're opening your mouth for that amount of time staring at the sink...

Monday, January 12, 2009

do i need to do this?

please note, bla bla bla bla bal bla blablabla lbalbalblablbaala. see this.
there is none of that. but there is this. it is assumed bla bla bla blab bla. bla will be a distinct advantage.
(insert more copy and pasted statements from a book)

- note the absence of a yes or a no.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

saya bosan dan panas!

i am bored and the weather is very hot!

spent all day rewatching grey's anatomy season 1 today...which is only NINE episodes?! it was really easy to finish :(
supposed to go look for a book to make my jap trip "scrapbook" or some kinda documentation book thing but woke up and got ready too late, so by the time i showered, cleaned the rabbits, ate, watched while eating, continued watching for the whole day.... the day was gone.

i would watch the big bang theory again, but the last time i watched it, it loaded unusually i'll refrain in case the download limit is nearing hope not it's not even the middle of the month!!

i am sooooooooooooo boredddddddddddddd

i'll re-read my DMC again.

the dust eaters

note: rabbits like eating dust. and probably the remains of spiders' webs.

sometimes i find it worrying cos they're eating dirt and what if the spider left some... toxic stuff or something on it?? but even dependable (seems like it to me anyways) bunny sites think it's normal... so i'll believe them.

anyways. time to introduce the namesake of this blog!
(with some habits of theirs which i've noticed)

mimi (i still don't really like their names..... oh well. not like i call them that often anyways...more like "go go go go go go go!" when i 'round' them up like sheep so they go back into their hutch and close the doors before they walk out again) drinks more than bernie.

when bernie drinks, mimi likes shoving her head under his to ask for some grooming. i thought i found this annoying, but bernie thinks so too. sometimes when he's really thirsty he puts both forelegs on her head and pushes it aside (ie. squashes it to the ground).

after i open the hutch doors to let them out, bernie flicks both his back legs towards the cage. or maybe me. signalling his hate for it. or me.

they like the litter tray probably since the sides form a kind of "bedroom wall" and they can rip the newspapers in it to make a nest, so they sleep in it instead of toilet-ing there. which means i have to go through more newspapers everyday. just after i've found that the large telegraph papers can be ripped in half and fit exactly in the tray, removing the need for overhanging and hence wastage of valuable materials.

they like chewing - like all rabbits do. and a few weeks ago, i found two pieces of wood that looked kinda important to the structure of the hutch hidden under the newspaper. but i still don't know where it came from, since all the supporting frame bits were still there when i checked the obvious spots...

anways, here they are. this is a rare moment of both of them eating carrots from my hand. (and look at bernie's big ears and long tail!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Soothed Nind.

supposed to be "My Soothed Mind" but then msn will be msm so replace the N with the M when you're reading it.

msn is fun. after not having been on it for a really long time, you forget that some things can only naturally come out when it's written - like the weird/crazy parts of a conversation, or talking about every single topic you want because there's nothing inappropriate online (i don't mean inappropriate like THAT but more like "what the hell does this have to do with the stuff we're talking about before" inappropriate for a certain time/place thing)
and plus i find more things to talk about when i type them compared to writing or sadly and ironically, talking. i wish my brain viewed things like my fingers on the keyboard (omg what the hell) so i can be more interesting when i seem to be stuck in an unoriginal mode.

something for pessimistic people who own a computer: be happy you can play until whenever you want (or for certain disturbed people, go on whatever site you want ihh) without having to worry about somebody reclaiming their property or worse, looking over your shoulder to read what you're "exploring"!! or more like firefox-ing.


i'm eating the krispy kreme lime flavoured donut. it doesn't taste like lime. maybe because i just brushed my teeth and my nose is blocked.

and i've found that the big bang theory is fast-talking and has too-genius and therefore super funny dialogue like how i prefer my tv series to be! and so....i will be watching today. sacrificing the sushi train which i have craved since a few weeks ago. (and one of the producer's from gilmore girls!!)

ok bye.

Friday, January 2, 2009

knock knock

new blog = new stuffs yahoy!

ahhhh finally have a table of my own! on the left is the new yorker cartoons calendar i got for christmas and in the middle, my new petit dell! (it's not small. but petit sounds cute) i haven't found any problems with windows vista yet, the only thing i've noticed is that they ask for confirmation everytime you wanna run some programs but it's not as often or as annoying as they make it on the mac/pc ads. (omg i have reverted back to a windows mind!) but yea on wikipedia it said that there was this experiment where the windows people gave a group of people to rate windows vista without telling them what it was (they gave it a fake name) and the average score was 8 point something out of 10, even though other people rated 4 point something when they were told beforehand that it was vista. so there you go. i declare this self-assurance right.

and this thing is seriously yum. tastes like pocky but with more choco and in a more convenient you can: eat less since it's in smaller pieces, or, eat more since you feel like you're eating less.