Friday, October 30, 2009

IKEA, cobbitty

went to IKEA yesterday and ate their meatballs for the very first time:

and it was sooo yummy! the meatballs were actual-meat tasting, juicy and just saliva-inducing, their gravy was smooth and tasted real, mashed potato potato-ey (i am not good with descriptions. basically they tasted like their actual ingredients and not at all like fast-food stuff) and the lingoberry jam was sooooo delicious-o!! ahhhh i wouldn't mind buying their meatballs or jam home.. but i had to carry a lot of stuff (had farm/camden the next day so was staying at a friend's place to get a lift there) so next time for sure!! mmmmmmm köttbullar....

total dinner cost = $4.50 (including their soft serve ice cream XD)

anyhoo. today is the last day of classes. so after next week's study vacation and exams, which finish on the 19th for me.... I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

but of course. this means i have to do some study and not lie on the bed guiltily and never get up again until the next day.

but back to the ikea/camden days, visited the cobbity (near camden) winery and tried some of their wines (in a little cough-medicine-lid size plastic cups). eh hem. but i was more interested in the non-alcoholic stuff, which were unfortunately not available for sampling :( but their labels looked nice :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


there was a book sale today - $20 for 7 books. but the topics were weirdly specific, there was one about keeping ostriches. anyway, there was a box of squishy cows and the lady near it was holding a bunch of paper encouraging people to join whatever it was, which turned out to be this 'continuing education' group for postgraduates (googled it just now). but anyhow she said, 'sign up and you can get a cow' so everyone did and then walked away squishing the cows. yes. a seriously cute and successful bribery.

posing on the discounted 2009 foodies' guide to sydney which i just bought on the way home

ahahhaha so cute!

and for a biscotti update:

came home dusty one night. that is not a shadow on her face.

i am hidden.

what i mean when i say her feet are 'tucked in' like a pigeon sitting xD

Friday, October 23, 2009

yesterday was my last ESP visit. kinda sad because that vet is really one anyone would want to strive to be (except if you wanna work in a high-tech facility all modern and clinical animal hospital). besides being TALL, he BIKES (as in CYCLES!) to and from work everyday for FOUR HOURS migod exercise. (btw all these info is from an interview that we did yesterday) he has a team that he enjoys working with, everyone is friendly and seems very comfortable, he's NOT stressed, he also trains people in his workplace, and he is incredibly calm! even just watching him doing consultations, everything is so relaxed but the client seem to listen to him too. (this is sounding like an advert. but seriously, this is REALLY a good vet to go to if you live in the area -remember the tons of awards i mentioned!) anyway.

while we were waiting for him to finish some surgeries, stood around as usual and there was a box with holes on the lid, and the nurse said we could open it. so we did. and there were FOUR KITTENS INSIDE STACKED ON EACH OTHER THAT LOOKED UP WITH SUPER CUTE EYES omg. i've NEVER seen anything so cute after opening a box!!! nyohhhhhhhhhhh omg.

and then we did a presentation as a 'thank you' on communication skills and handling difficult situations, and as always, the lovely public speaker that i am, i demonstrated what i was talking about, saying that non-verbal communication, such as a person's physiological responses -sweating, flushing- reveals the true nature of what a person is feeling, compared to what they are actually saying.

and just my luck, i put in my brown travel 10, that i nearly scrunched up straight away since it was up to the last one, but then i looked at it and THE TENTH TICKET DIDN'T PRINT ON THE CARD!! ahahahhahaha i have found the legendary bus ticket for emergencies that will never end!! ahahahhaha ehem.

ok. time to do some productive things. only have two weeks left to study for exams. ja mata!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh 21 you are becoming a very good date! frankie today and wicked next month! ahhhh~

*update - i got an email saying that i won a comp for a bonds tee-shirt! weeeeee and then met vanessa lining up for the buy one get one free easyway in maroubra. good day indeedio!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

sooishi has a cute post about Ponyo's ramen!

yay~ biscotti's appeared in the morning again! it's been a week or so since she's only been asking for food at nighttime. probably since: everyone's rushing to go off in the morning when she does ask + her sleeping spots in the backyard ie. all the grasses have been pulled out + the wood climb-able fence has been replaced. but anyhow, my bébé has returned!

(pic from
frankie website)

Friday, October 16, 2009

good message x)

marc johns

Monday, October 12, 2009


ahhahaha the kakapo has such a dorky expression too XD

Saturday, October 10, 2009


a HILARIOUS! new bbc one comedy called "walk on the wild side". it's like a skit show but with dubbing of some seriously strange/unusual species animal documentary footages.


don't know what it stands for still.

update on the ESP place that i was ranting about before:
that place is actually one of the best ones you could get! (besides the location) the vet/owner is a specialist (i couldn't hear what he said.. very soft voice. though he talks a lot. very grandpa-like) and in the waiting room, there's like 30 awards framed on the wall and on shelves, including runner up for best business in western sydney in 2000, and in between my first and second visits there, they won another one for best staff training! whoaaa

the first visit, we (went with another student) didn't really do anything.. just stood around trying not to block people's paths, then watched the vet that was called in from somewhere remove a lump from a cat's eye and remove plaque. we were pretty useless. it'll be another 1-2 years until we actually know anything medical -___-".
and then talked to the nurse about communication.. the purpose of our visit.. and she was actually talking about all the stuff we were taught in class! people actually use them in real life! but still. the lectures still feel like i'm in a self-help seminar. we had to watch this video titled "what's right with the world" with a former national geographic photographer talking about positive thinking, how you see what you believe, instead of believe what you see... etc etc. i liked the content, but it was so happy. like pleasantville.

anyway. even though we just stood around most of the time, stayed for FOUR hours omg. supposed to only stay for two.

the second visit was really good though - there was four clients. the first was this boxer cross staffy that had a cut between his digits and the vet was sensing that he might not return after (i missed this :"( looking too much at the dog instead of at the client's 'non-verbal messages') so he had to clean and bandage it before they went. and then there was a BEAUTIFULLLL rhodesian ridgeback that was HUMONGOUS!! i've never seen them before, and he was so tall and long! he was a pedigree too - got a tattoo in the ear. and when the owner said how he's not good for the showring because his ridge was incomplete. i was like, hmmm... she obviously didn't watch that documentary. but yes.

and then a cat came in to get an ultrasound for kittens! and the tough-looking tattooed bulky owner guy was hugging the really slim cat and kissing its head and all i could think was the cat-yodeling video.. so couldn't stop smiling for a bit lol.

and then there was a really scared dog that had to get its dew-claw removed. so the vet just yanked it out.

anyway. listening to the vet talk, i'm really not looking forward to running my own business. i didn't know that there was so much to do~ T__T and because i'm gonna be poor, there's so much you have to think about to ensure you don't go bankrupt...get clients to pay... marketing... etc etc and the maintenance fees, employees... business was one of the things i intentionally left out in high school T__T and also all the policies/law about being a business owner/vet.
i really hope they spoon-feed us about how to do all these things. good thing i went with a partner. the vet was looking at him when he was explaining all these things. probably sensed that i had no clue what he was talking about.

have to interview and do a presentation the next (last) visit in two weeks.

can't wait til summer holidays!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


there was a really loud frog-like noise this evening infront of our driveway when i came back from uni. and the only thing around was a black and white bird that was just walking across. so i was like ehh? it's beak wasn't open, but the sound seemed to come from its direction, so i just stared at it, thinking that it's making a really weird noise for a bird. and then i thought maybe it ate a frog, but then that was just weird. so i was standing in my driveway, facing in, with a backpack, holding a bunch of grasses that i collected for an assignment, staring at a bird for a minute and a person is walking across the road looking in my direction.
there is no point to this story.

(where is the frog?)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


hmmm. blogger suddenly seems to have lost quite a few buttons including font/size etc.

wiki-ing placenta, and i forgot that during pregnancy, it's only the uterus that's containing the baby! the more i think about it the more incredibly (unnaturally) stretchy it seems!

on another note, i think my piano really needs tuning. either that or i've played a certain song too much that it's losing its special quality.

*update ahaha i was on the 'edit Html' section instead of compose. no wonder... -___-"

i hate assignments. therefore i love making notes.

うさぎ と cafe!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


unrelated pic of the day:

140th anniversary of mahatma gandhi's birthday

A.P.C. <3

T^T A.P.C. 's madras collection
(i still have to upload their catalogue which they sent ALL THE WAY FROM FRANCE)

Friday, October 2, 2009

mao's last dancer

(book's new cover)

besides the awesome dance pieces (and the boob-shaped headphones that made me silent-laugh for a while), the movie really makes you get a sense of what mao zedong's china was like and throughout the entire thing, you can't help but empathise with the character's feelings. that chi cao dancer/actor is really good! (the ending. omg. if it has no effect on you then that is not normal). and no need to say, the story is what makes the movie worth watching. can't believe those events actually happened to one person.
yes, as always, i am crap at describing the goodness of something.
but, point is: recommending it!

fine little day

colour collages from fine little day blog
i find them so calming to look at ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

varicose veins are scary. yesterday i developed one and it has been throbbing.

this post is so meaningful compared to the last one.