Monday, June 29, 2009

why didn't i think of applying for citizenship before 2007 or when i was still legally a kid T__T now i have to study for a test where i have to understand/slightly care about how the government works. yadaaaaa

Friday, June 26, 2009

i just realised most of my excitement about the holidays is about the internet. it is very slow right now. and so i have nothing to do. alreaaaadyyyyy....

my national geographic jumper came in the mail today! it's better than the first one i got which is currently missing alongwith my year 12 jersey and the really warm blanket i usually use for winter (blame mother).

it's a more normal colour: black with white writing and that yellow rectangle mark, and fully zip-able like a normal jacket unlike the old one where u can only unzip the top part near the neck. and plus it now has POCKETS! so i can let none of my body heat dissipate yippeee!

this is the most exciting part of my day.
as well as cleaning poos from two pairs of shoes with a bucket, water, and duck toilet cleaner.

.... such a sad day in the news: michael jackson ...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

exams are OVA! *in iron chef style*

my smile-inducing list : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

read my EEE-MAILS!! finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy i have saved the non-personal emails from May and they are currently in the cute overload, overheard (in new york), and ohhh folders in my hotmail

download songs after midnight tonight since the net's already slow anyway and it's nearly the end of the month (btw all this is supposed to be read in a sing-song way)

open up all my bookmarked websites and rss feeds to find even more sites to bookmark :D

go to chinatown to stock up on new jap movies!

watch big bang theory & scrubs season 8

get a visa debit to salute amazon, other online friends.

finally continue reading the book thief and start holes which i got today as a birthday present :D

find some long and rigid thing to make the chicken wire stand so the rabbits can roam on grass and discover that the ground is edible (this is a task. i doubt it will happen)

clean my boots which are covered in cow and pig poo. have to. been caked on since... ... ... omg. nearly 2 months. omg. (have to open the bag which have prevented their smell from leaking. waft.)

and best of nothing at all without a worry!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

two more days til exams are finished!!
haha today's animal husbandry exam was funny i opened the book and there were pictures of cats and dogs so i couldn't stop smiling whenever i was on that page


in today's tv guide, they described Merlin as having 'wing-nut ears' hahahhahaa
yay! thank goodness for repeats! i can watch 2 episodes on sunday! since i missed it yesterday.

reminds me i read a funny article about exclamation marks from the weekend spectrum maybe i'll link it after.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i'm not supposed to be here again.

exams in less than 6 days and i've only finished making notes for one subject and there's so much stuff my binder won't close anymore...

BUT on the up side...
it's so warm right now wearing 3 layers of tops and 2 layers of pyjama pants plus socks and slippers and a winter hat. i can't move... gotta make notes...

frankie is out on the last day of exams ^___^ the hardest exam though. that i haven't started studying for at all. crapo.

so sleeeepyyy

Saturday, June 6, 2009