Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adele - set fire to the rain

Friday, April 29, 2011


- typing notes with tired eyes staring at the computer screen
- i look to the left & see biscotti stretched out asleep on the bed. envy T__T.

btw, this evening i took this new path to a bus stop, and passed a fluffy cat sitting infront of a person's front door - the first street-roaming cat i've seen in the neighbourhood! (who coincidentally looks like Phoebe!) his name was nero (it said on the collar's tag) and he was so fluffy! long & very thick fur that was slightly crimped! of course i gushed idiotically in a high voice. and he came over!! so i patted him and he meowed and brushed against my legs *awwww friendly stranger cat!* after taking some photos + recording his cuteness (or might be a girl. dunno.. nero sounds like a boy's name) i walked away and he followed! awwww attention-seeking cat! i don't mind. not enough cats in my life.

marking the tree

another photo: cute card illustrated by anita jeram

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Climate Change Deniers
Cesar Millan's 'dominating techniques' advocates
Anti-Evolutionists (note, not talking about the source of life itself)

i wasn't aware of the second one prior to this uni's semester. but back to the point, if you have conducted (unbiased & complete) research - like scientists who publish papers-, how can you acknowledge the presence of & then deny something that is logical and more beneficial to believe in? i'm truly scared of un-backed/cyclic arguments. you can't have a proper debate without ground-rules.
referring to the first one & as has been pointed out by many already: is winning an argument more important than risking environmental changes that could potentially be detrimental to (human) life? change IS hard and uncomfortable, but all i wish for is open-mindedness.

corndog maker

mmmmm i wantttt...
if only australia wasn't so far away... the shipping fee from the US is at least double the cost.
can anyone make this :D?

from: urban outfitters, amazon
yay! the 6th gen ipod nano can finally be turned OFF instead of just put to sleep mode (& only switching off if not used for 36hours)
also, you can now press a button to skip to the next song, instead of having to touch & light up the screen/use up the battery

Monday, April 18, 2011


Saturday, April 16, 2011

lala the king penguin

what i want: having endless time to browse and find new discoveries
enrichment. i miss it.
ie. not watching rage & not recognising most of the songs on it.

(also, why argue if you don't care? they'll get tired of getting nowhere. if they are normal. if they are not, again - no point in arguing, arguments won't be understood; up/downside = lose communication - may be selfish, but that's how some things need to be when you get desperate)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

today in parasitology we were talking about water-borne protozoa, and the lecturer told a story in his strong european accent, of how people got diarrhoea from contaminated river water & blamed the beavers' poo, calling it "beaver fever". and unsurprisingly nearly everyone in the lecture theatre laughed lol.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

(photos of biscotti, back to study, then to sleep.)

i went over to the piano bench to pat her, and realised that she DROOLED whilst napping! AHAHHAHAHA so ran to get the camera, but when i came back the small drool pool on the chair was wiped off already ;( but at least there was still some evidence near her mouth:

ghost hand pose

Salmonella yo.

for microbiology, we have to make a 'visual learning tool' based on any bacteria covered in this semester. i chose salmonella! i just wanted to make something that's needle-felted, really -__-"
i first made a rod (bacillus) shape out of felt sheets that i stuffed & sewed together. inconveniently... there was only dishwashing sponges (those blue ones) to stuff the inside with, and so when i needle felted the wool to cover it, it was so difficult to poke, i managed to break two needle-felting needles. and i actually only had a single needle. so in between that, i had to go out to the city again, in the rain/cold, go to lincraft (after having spent a few hours there already that day) and buy some needles. anyway. the flagellae was made out of pipe cleaners with all the furry bits cut off (so only the wire remained) and pink thread wrapped around it. then i had to make deep pokes :( into the salmonella so i could jam the flagellae in.
the gas molecules are just made out of fimo & drawn messily with white out.
and to make the box more shallow, i used two toilet paper rolls cut in half (just the cardboard) and sticky-taped it to the back of the white background. and all the figurines are stuck on with velcro (cos i'm paranoid about sticking something on permanently. i don't even stick my stickers on with its own backing. i use photo magic dots.)

anyway, i hope it's accurate.. really can't be bothered changing anything anymore, i've had to redraw the info bits 3 times already T__T