Tuesday, July 27, 2010

things lecturers say

this lecturer brings a large inflated tapeworm toy thing to encourage participation - if you have the worm, you have to answer the question, and then you pass/throw it to the next row to another person. but then this guy punches it away when it was thrown at him:

"You cannot deflect the worm! You must accept the worm!"
ahahhaha and he said it so seriously lol

another class, about reproduction in siamese fighting fish - the male swishes around to make little bubbles that he then rearranges on the water surface to make a nest for fertilised eggs:

"The male then picks up the egg with his mouth, then puts it in the bubble. where he lives."
ahahhahaha bubble-boy fish

Sunday, July 25, 2010

look, please!

more stuff on the pass it on site!
calendars, stickers, memo pads, note pads, bangle, bags, letter sets, craft sets, organisers, sleeve folder
(mostly anime/manga furoku from nakayoshi/ribon/ciao/hana to yume)

just finished tidying up my room (drawers/cupboard). realised i have an entire drawer's worth of stationery....don't need to buy anymore pens/markers/highlighters in my life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

relaxed life ends soon

well, uni's starting again on monday, so postings will probably drop in number (unless of course seriously boring tasks appear and i cannot help myself)

in the meantime, here's a strange picture i found while facebook-stalking (face-stalking?) a person from my class (entire course is in the same class):

look at the cat in the back!! wth it's biscotti's soulmate! (or doppelganger!) hahahhaa and guess wat - i'm NOT lying- IT HAS THREE LEGS TOO!!! (and also the same leg!)
i still think biscotti's cuter though hehe, FO SHO! i like fatter cats.

oh oh oh and this blog: kagonekoshiro, has all my favourite cat features in the one cat!! nyuuuuuuu!!! fluffy fur, round face, and extremely thick tail like a snow leopard!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhh! if only it was a blue-coloured british shorthair, then it will be perfect.

*note - cute overload followers will recognise him as the famous tomato-balancing cat, amongst other talents (highly recommended link - hint: a cat with a cabbage hat! ahahhahahahhaha).

**note - for those that haven't seen biscotti in real life, the black and white pattern of the cat in the picture is nearly the same! look here for reference.

illustrators i like - part 8

yoko furusho
first saw her work in the latest issue of frankie (#36)

the second one reminds me of a yuu watase type shojo manga X)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hermione in a video clip (say you don't want it - by one night only)
(watch til the end!)

Monday, July 19, 2010


not the season we're gonna see, but this pic is so pretty (by georgianna lane)

having fun planning for the trip to japan in december ;)

some miscellaneous pictures:

milk pudding flavour koala no march
it tasted like milk powder yum. if only the filling was an oozy melted form ( ´¬`)

lizard on the curtain a few days ago

crescent moon


bird on the wire

i love this store - bird on the wire...and all its frenchness x)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


great firefox add-on i just found yesterday: DownThemAll!
lets you download things "up to 400%" faster and pause/resume!

Knock Knock

saw these funny notepads in kino recently from knock knock

besides these, there're also genuinely useful things for organisation-lovers :-O like:
weekly/5-day planners (everything pre-ruled!), folders with categories like: TO DO - in the near future, when i feel like it, against my will, by somebody else, never, bulldog clips, etc etc....!
and also for the office cubicle environment

recycling pile bag
competitive recycling D: ?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


live camera feed from the jigokudani snow monkey park!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


cuppie from cakespy:

mug & tote from cakespy shop

(yea not 'cups') mr men mugs!!
i've seen these in many stores lately and the glass sheen/colour is so nice-looking! not a bright white but more a light cream and there's no sharp edges... as in it gives you the feeling of holding the mug in between your palms on a cold morning, drinking hot chocolate kinda thing...yes..

from everywhere! including: until, hart & heim

hoso macho~

ahahahhahahahha these ads for suntory protein water...
i'd never imagine such serious actors would do things like this lol
(matsuda shota from hana yori dango, liar game & nakamura shido from ai ni yukimasu)

hoso macho (slim macho) v's gori macho (gorilla macho) lol

Monday, July 12, 2010

amazed, confused, shudder

the jewellery/accessory store on george st next to gloria jeans.
it was SO SPARKLY and BRIGHT and PINK - with walls ENTIRELY covered by pink rose blooms; and for some reason, the workers were all grown men D:
i felt like like sunako from yamato nadeshiko shichi henge looking at the light people...and also like this dad and his son who got dragged into the store: "oh my god...."

(the picture is so small because the original file has been deleted, so this is a screenshot of the google image search result.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


just watched step up 2 on tv lol and can't help but remember japan's ichigeki group ("crew"? :\) from the planet b-boy movie

i feel like this clip is too cool to be on this blog. cool people probably don't use words like 'cool'..
anyway, how クール (hehe) is the concept: records on a turntable!

go to the youtube link for a bigger video


links yo!

uniqlo calendar
like the one on the sidebar on the right!
via: 8tokyo
cute stuff from japan - food, merchandise, clothes
i wish they had stuff like that here (ie. cute freebies given away with drink bottles T__T)
font squirrel
free fonts (via puglypixel - also has free downloadable cliparts)

and some cuteoverload goodness:
this is why you always use dryer sheets
real-life dust ball!
well, this is humiliating

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i should get out of the house more

this late 30s/early 40s woman was browsing some magazines in the bowen library book sale next to me, and an oldish man - not a grandpa or typical crazy looking, starts a conversation with her, "you read them?", "no, i've never read new scientist before, but thought i might, since they're so cheap"; then out of nowhere, he says, "do you want to go out?".
ahahhahahhahhaa what theeeee
i thought they came together!
and then she said she's married, and he said something about her looking like she had a good heart or some other sweet (and funny lol she probably saw i suddenly had a huge grin when he asked her out. though probably not for her) compliment, then she replied, "i hope your heart is good too" lol ahhahaha
la frustration, c'est un sentiment mauvais. plus que la colère ou la tristesse. comment, en ce jour et l'âge, (l'accent sur l'âge) on ne peut considérer des perspectives des autres? et après les ayant expliqué, a continué crier des réponses les ont rendu nul, et te fait penser pourquoi une personne peut ne tenir aucun compte de (ou ne peut comprendre?) des pensés compréhensifs fondamentales/convenances? si pertes des mots et effort. d'ésolèe n'est pas dans leur vocabulaire. litérallement.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


haha i find these amusing xD


accidentally pressed Ctrl-T on itunes while a song is playing and discovered these amazing graphics!! it's like watching planets being formed ;) !
(click for larger image - less then 100kb)


there's gonna be a FUJIKO F. FUJIO MUSEUM!!
it will open on the 3rd September 2011 in Kawasaki, where the mangaka was born.

according to anime news network:

A rotating selection of the artist's collection of about 50,000 original drawings will be in the museum's exhibition room, which is decorated like a school classroom. There will also be an outdoors playground, a recreation of Fujio's room, a theater for screening various shorts, a sofa-furnished reading gallery, and a "panorama box" (pictured at right) that will serve as one of the entrances. Part of the 2,800-square-meter (about 30,000-square-feet) facility will be devoted to a restaurant and shopping area.

here's some pictures from the pdf the staff released:

go to the official site for artist impression pictures of the building and what's gonna be on each floor! cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

in the meantime, however, feast your eyes on DORAEMON グーズ!! X)

Monday, July 5, 2010

finally finished watching inuyasha!!!!! gosh started watching it in primary school!
such a good anime, now no moreeeeee T____T

Sunday, July 4, 2010

des choses

haiyah sick again. but of more importance:
(somehow a kiddy-themed stuffs post)

cute & stylish dogs!
cards from Rifle Paper Co.

custom illustrated name cards (and they have note papers too!)
again from Rifle Paper Co.

'beer charms' from etsy
they'd make nice pet name tags!

decole onigiri case (japanese zakka)

marshmallow shooters! (etsy)