Sunday, April 29, 2012

just realised how much eyes creep me out. not only can't i look at the screen in an opthalmology lecture, i can't bring myself to put eyeliner on D: i reflex-shut my eyes..
an update: biscotti probably has FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) instead of a bladder "infection" - ie. a non-specific lower urinary tract syndrome that cats get... the vet (a different one who seemed to be a better listener, thank goodness) ultrasound-ed her bladder and cysto'd some urine out. it's still very crystally and alkaline, but there's also some protein DDDD: which wasn't there before... the urine was also very concentrated (USG 1.050) which may be a cause or a result of the crystals... anyway, for now the urine will be cultured to see if there is bacteria in it or not, and i'll get the results by tuesday or so. 

i found this article which explains the disease simply

she may have to go on (expensive) prescription food from now on :S (the only thing i can think of that has changed in the last few months is: me leaving home, her changing to senior cat food.. there isn't much nutritional info on the food box so maybe the components are imbalanced and made her pee more basic). wet food is also better than dry food...but her teeth are already smelly :( 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

and the saga continues. 

i submitted more of biscotti's urine for testing last sunday to check that her infection has resolved after the course of antibiotics (fyi, the vet didn't even recommend this recheck - she said, "you can, if you want to," in regards to me resubmitting a urine sample - just like she did when i first brought biscotti in for her initial consultation). and surprise surprise, after a whole week of no calls/follow-up, i call up the vet asking about the results, and she said that the analysis revealed no change. ie, the antibiotics didn't resolve whatever was the problem in the first place. and she said now she wants to do a urine culture to figure out what the problem was. EVEN THOUGH SHE TOLD ME IN THE FIRST PLACE (3-4weeks ago!!) THAT THE URINE WAS ALREADY GOING TO BE CULTURED AND THAT I WAS PAYING FOR THAT. she didn't do what she told me she was going to do! i wonder how many animal patients go home undiagnosed because of this 'veterinarian' - if i didn't hint to her the diagnostics that i wanted to have done, she would have totally ignored it and biscotti would be considered as healthy as the healthiest cat in the world! seriously, it should NOT take four weeks to come up with the revelation of "oh, um, we need to do tests to find out." i feel so bad for letting the problem go on for this long!! i thought of the option of taking her to another vet clinic, but then it'll take even longer cos then the new hospital would have to get the medical records transferred and i also run the risk of getting another incompetent vet. so again, tomorrow i will be spending money and contributing to the salary of this incompetent person.


(oh yeah, she also enlightened me this morning on the phone to the fact that she prescribed antibiotics based on a presumptive diagnosis of a urinary tract infection - she didn't know "exactly" that there was a bladder infection -, cos she said the urine samples i sent her could have been "contaminated". UMMMMM A HEAP OF WHITE BLOOD CELLS (so much so that there was a clump of white stuff on the bottom of the collection tube) DON'T JUST MAGICALLY APPEAR INSIDE URINE. THEY DON'T LIVE IN THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT OUTSIDE THE BODY.)

and guess what my assignment that i'm working is about? it's about VETERINARIAN MALPRACTICE AND COMPLAINTS!! i really don't appreciate the forces of the world aligning up my study subjects and real life like this!! (last time i studied about hypersensitivities, i got my first really bad case of eczema!!)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012 is emo: his bitter criticism lacerated my heart
cannot stop LOL-ing every time i read Lily Sparks' once upon a time episode review on XD

here's a link to the latest episode review (read the others for an amusing time haha xD)

*update: on a similar note, read Em Rusciano's recap of the finale of the Voice (Australia)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear vet who works at my local clinic, I wonder what magical skills you have, that makes you able to tell that my cat is "fine" by just looking at her & not running tests? First, you didn't want to take a urine sample until I asked you for one - even though, the reason I came to the clinic was because of problems with peeing / the pee. ie, iF THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH SOMETHING, DON'T TALK ABOUT EVERY OTHER PROBLEM EXCEPT THAT ONE! And now over the phone, you tell me that, again, she should be fine, because usually they are. UMMM NOOO! If i'm calling, it means that things are not 'fine' yet!! And you send urine to be cultured (which I paid for), but don't tell me the results?? Seriously, sometimes I wish that clinic was more money hungry and actually followed up on patients.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

funny how things work out. turns out that biscotti has a bladder infection (the pee was alkaline instead of acidic and there were WBCs).. thank goodness i had the uni mid-sem break now so i could be at home to notice that she has been peeing more! anyway, now they're getting the urine sample cultured (so they know wat bugs are involved and whether they're susceptible to the drugs) and in the meantime she's gonna get antibiotics twice a day for a week. the only slight trouble is that i'll be away on weekdays so i hv to get someone else to give the meds to her. hopefully it clears after the drug course. (but good news, her kidneys are fine! (i also got her blood tested))

Friday, April 13, 2012

i am always surprised every single time that biscotti doesn't get mad when i bring her home from the vet. as soon as i get into the house & let her out of the carrier, she's instantly relaxed and walking with her tail up again and making eye contact with me! (i should note that she is so stressed when she's in that carrier and out of the house that she meows non-stop and doesn't try to struggle from strangers, which is unusual). yeah weird how she doesn't hold grudges, even short-term ones, for me putting her through that!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter show 2012

went to the easter show yesterday! paranoid about using trains so ended up arriving half an hour early -_-"
yesterday was a non-competition cat day - where breeders and feline associations came to show diff breeds, and so my day started with some intense cheek muscle exercise smiling stupidly at the kitties which we had to check before they were allowed to be exhibited - mainly for ear mites and fleas. and i got to see BRITISH SHORT HAIR KITTEEEEENS!!! T___T omg they were sooo cuuutee!! and i got to hug one T___T and before that, this breeder brought his selkirk rex cat and kittens which i didn't even know existed as a cat breed!! and it was also omg-i-can-die-now cute!! they look like british shorthairs but MORE FLUFFY (how is that even possible) and have WAVY / CURLY HAIR!!! D: and hence they don't shed as much D:!!!! omgggg i want one. but on a serious note, i don't know whether i'll get a non-adopted pet when i do end up looking for one... but anyway, back to gushing. GO GOOGLE SELKIRK REX KITTEN PICTURES (not as cute in real life :() ok.

for more medicine-related vet things... we followed the horse vet there and looked / helped do basic stats checking while he was going around the stables. we saw quite a few cases actually and he was happy to give tips on practical skills etc. we saw: poultice for a bruised foot being put on, swollen foreleg ligaments, 'thoroughpin', a quite severe sway back on a horse. and along with the very official badge which we were given (which meant gate-openers opened gate for us :O and catered breakfast and lunch :O), we also got to watch the show jumping finals from the "vet box" ie. good view, man. 

anyhoo, showbags:
got the tiny teddy ($15) and purina supercoat ($5) showbags. i forgot that biscotti is technically a 'senior' now, but oh well, i'll just give the food as a treat - since she seems to find it tastier than her usual food..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yay, i have a vet clinic to go to for my small animal rotation next year X)) Also, gonna help out at the Easter Show tomorrow - hopefully gonna be checking a lot of cats! a friend who went there yesterday when the bunnies were being shown checked 180 buns :O!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

i think i'm a relatively private person, i don't like to share every one of my opinions or my reasons for thinking a certain way unless it's on a topic i feel passionate about. so if i don't tell you, stop asking, pleaseeee! as well as not wanting to share my thoughts, i am also really bad at communicating them articulately. and i don't feel comfortable with confrontations and asking people to stop doing something. just leave me aloooone! i'm happy keeping things to myself! that might be weird for some people, but it's not for me!
the world didn't want me to fill my car tyres with air tonight, but i prevailed in the end! went to two gas stations that just happened to be renovating this week! the third one was open, but they didn't hv a pressurised air thing. the fourth one was closed by the time i got to it after midnight. and finally the fifth one, which i had to go out of my usual route home to get to, was open AND had the air thing. this was the first time i filled the tyres by myself and the machine wouldn't co-operate T__T the air didn't automatically flow when i attached the nozzle, and sometimes it stopped to a different pressure then wat i set it too.. and i couldn't get the guy working there to help cos it was after midnight and he's not allowed to leave the cashier area :( oh well just glad i finally got the tyres filled.

Friday, April 6, 2012

another piano post: Green Day medley by Francesco Parrino
- 21 guns
- boulevard of broken dreams
- holiday
- wake me up when september ends
- 21 guns (chorus)
- american idiot

Sunday, April 1, 2012

il y a beaucoup des choses à célébrer cette année, mais c'est très cher..