Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter show 2012

went to the easter show yesterday! paranoid about using trains so ended up arriving half an hour early -_-"
yesterday was a non-competition cat day - where breeders and feline associations came to show diff breeds, and so my day started with some intense cheek muscle exercise smiling stupidly at the kitties which we had to check before they were allowed to be exhibited - mainly for ear mites and fleas. and i got to see BRITISH SHORT HAIR KITTEEEEENS!!! T___T omg they were sooo cuuutee!! and i got to hug one T___T and before that, this breeder brought his selkirk rex cat and kittens which i didn't even know existed as a cat breed!! and it was also omg-i-can-die-now cute!! they look like british shorthairs but MORE FLUFFY (how is that even possible) and have WAVY / CURLY HAIR!!! D: and hence they don't shed as much D:!!!! omgggg i want one. but on a serious note, i don't know whether i'll get a non-adopted pet when i do end up looking for one... but anyway, back to gushing. GO GOOGLE SELKIRK REX KITTEN PICTURES (not as cute in real life :() ok.

for more medicine-related vet things... we followed the horse vet there and looked / helped do basic stats checking while he was going around the stables. we saw quite a few cases actually and he was happy to give tips on practical skills etc. we saw: poultice for a bruised foot being put on, swollen foreleg ligaments, 'thoroughpin', a quite severe sway back on a horse. and along with the very official badge which we were given (which meant gate-openers opened gate for us :O and catered breakfast and lunch :O), we also got to watch the show jumping finals from the "vet box" ie. good view, man. 

anyhoo, showbags:
got the tiny teddy ($15) and purina supercoat ($5) showbags. i forgot that biscotti is technically a 'senior' now, but oh well, i'll just give the food as a treat - since she seems to find it tastier than her usual food..

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