Saturday, April 28, 2012

and the saga continues. 

i submitted more of biscotti's urine for testing last sunday to check that her infection has resolved after the course of antibiotics (fyi, the vet didn't even recommend this recheck - she said, "you can, if you want to," in regards to me resubmitting a urine sample - just like she did when i first brought biscotti in for her initial consultation). and surprise surprise, after a whole week of no calls/follow-up, i call up the vet asking about the results, and she said that the analysis revealed no change. ie, the antibiotics didn't resolve whatever was the problem in the first place. and she said now she wants to do a urine culture to figure out what the problem was. EVEN THOUGH SHE TOLD ME IN THE FIRST PLACE (3-4weeks ago!!) THAT THE URINE WAS ALREADY GOING TO BE CULTURED AND THAT I WAS PAYING FOR THAT. she didn't do what she told me she was going to do! i wonder how many animal patients go home undiagnosed because of this 'veterinarian' - if i didn't hint to her the diagnostics that i wanted to have done, she would have totally ignored it and biscotti would be considered as healthy as the healthiest cat in the world! seriously, it should NOT take four weeks to come up with the revelation of "oh, um, we need to do tests to find out." i feel so bad for letting the problem go on for this long!! i thought of the option of taking her to another vet clinic, but then it'll take even longer cos then the new hospital would have to get the medical records transferred and i also run the risk of getting another incompetent vet. so again, tomorrow i will be spending money and contributing to the salary of this incompetent person.


(oh yeah, she also enlightened me this morning on the phone to the fact that she prescribed antibiotics based on a presumptive diagnosis of a urinary tract infection - she didn't know "exactly" that there was a bladder infection -, cos she said the urine samples i sent her could have been "contaminated". UMMMMM A HEAP OF WHITE BLOOD CELLS (so much so that there was a clump of white stuff on the bottom of the collection tube) DON'T JUST MAGICALLY APPEAR INSIDE URINE. THEY DON'T LIVE IN THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT OUTSIDE THE BODY.)

and guess what my assignment that i'm working is about? it's about VETERINARIAN MALPRACTICE AND COMPLAINTS!! i really don't appreciate the forces of the world aligning up my study subjects and real life like this!! (last time i studied about hypersensitivities, i got my first really bad case of eczema!!)


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