Thursday, April 30, 2009

i thought i got a dimple! but it was another smile line :(

wow. such a meaningful post after a two week anticipatory (is that a word) break.

in other news: we had our first dissection today. it was greyhounds who are helping to educate students, instead of sadly being unwanted from the races and 'wasted'. though it kinda feels bad when we justify them as being the ideal dogs to use, being muscular and all...

and for happier news, finished my horse handling lessons out in camden last week :D
skills learnt: catching and harnessing a horse. though they are horses especially used for educating ignorant (in their eyes probably) first years and so.... are REALLY tolerant. probably like giving a person who walks on hot coals tepid water to practice walking though. but they ARE big. and me and a few others are the average height of the horses there: 15 hands. so we are walking rulers. handy.
but the horses there all have some problems, that's why they're there not doing much except demonstrating for students, and a really sad story of one having laminitis, where the hoof skin cells (omg i'm struggling not to use epithelia) are separating so it's really painful for them to put pressure on it, and it's like having your fingernails peeling off and you standing, walking, running on it constantly :(
other things....
learnt how to bandage a horse leg. again. SO tolerant. there's not supposed to be people on both sides of the horses, but to save time, the legs were bandaged two people at a time.
pick up a horse front and back leg... the front ones were easier since i don't have to lift it that high, since i'm close to the ground, but the hind leg was really hard to position properly.. the first time my thighs were burning man. and then i realised that wasn't supposed to happen. so that was encouraging.
and then.... walked, trotted a horse... and groomed the horses... and me and my partner got the horse that was low on the pecking order so it got bitten by the others :( the cause of the scabs on its back that we thought was skin problems.
and it was really... strange to have such a relaxing day... it was: 2 short activities. BREAAAKKKKK. another activity. TEAAAA. lesson. HOUR AND A HALF LUNCH. it felt so wrong. but good :)
and the last thing we saw before leaving the second day at the stud farm was a mare getting mated. the stallion was excited. a lot.

see, two weeks worth of posts are now accounted for! kinda.

(i'm supposed to be studying for a biochemistry test tomorrow T___T)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

shirt from 2k by gingham

key in lock hooks (urban outfitters)

handheld sewing machine (urban outfitters)

light bite candle forks (fred flare)
ahhhh perfect for when u can't wait to dig in ^___^

i wish you can just grab stuff off the computer screen...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

kawaiiii (memebon blog)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

comme excitement!


VA Select opens tomorrow, Thursday 2 April, at The Galeries Victoria (TGV), Sydney.

VA Select is the latest venture by Via Alley. The petite store will feature some of the very-best small objects and accessories Via Alley has to offer. As well, VA Select provides a unique retail experience with personalised service and a distinct interior designed by Sydney-based newcomer Leonard Wong.

We welcome you to the smaller but equally fascinating world of Via Alley at VA Select.

P.S. the bigger and fuller Via Alley will open on Crown Street, Surry Hills in May. We will keep you posted!


Shop RG26A, The Galeries Victoria (TGV)

500 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000