Sunday, June 26, 2011

craft & quilt fair

yesterday i went to the craft & quilt fair at darling harbour! it's on every year but this was the first time i've been to it & the place was HUGE! there were aisles A-K in 3 halls including a gallery of quilts, hsc textiles works, stalls for the exhibitors, workshops, demonstrations and a food/drinks area with tables. most of the stalls were, unsurprisingly, dedicated to quilting - selling patterns, "fat quarters" (materials with different prints for quilting) etc and there were also electronic sewing machines that can create complex embroidery automatically! (i can only hand-sew, so i found those so high-tech) but i think the best thing is knowing where to get craft materials besides from the 2 main craft-supply stores that are in sydney.

anyway, here are some photos :D

puff quilting? so cute! that tube on the left & the long flat rod is for stuffing the 'puff'

walls of pretty ribbons! from the Craft Queen stall

THE CUTEST STALL EVER! there were sock monkeys everywhere!! i so want to hug the big one! they also sold the hand-dyed red-heeled socks so you can give the monkeys red lips or red butts & books on how to make other animals. (these 'Rockford Red Heel' sock monkeys were from the Campbell's store, Morpeth stall)

what i bought: Penny Black rubber stamps (just the brand that was sold in a some stalls), Ashford pastel wool slivers (i think Merino is slightly softer, but i liked the colours) & some felt sheets from Krazy Kreations

some other stores that i liked: Kelani Fabric, BeBe Bold (contemporary Japanese textiles ie. cute patterns like Shinzi Katoh + kits for projects), By Lynette (they had a larger-than-usual bag of wool fibres for $4, but unfortunately not the white colour that i use the most. the lady passive-aggressively got mad at her husband for telling her not to pack more since they still have a lot at home haha)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

some photos of biscotti sleeping & warming my lap (the only calming thing during the exam period).

Friday, June 10, 2011

i heart cat tote

another bag came in the mail today! (they were my birthday presents btw - not from a random shopping frenzy xD)

this one was made by mirishilo (em by miri) from etsy
it's canvas (less brown than in the photo) and larger than most totes i've seen! it also came with instructions on how to clean it etc

i can't wait for the holidays when i can finally get out of the house & start using them ;)


look what came in the mail today:

(this is the peak of my paint-program skill.)

it's my BAGGU daypack!

i was slightly worried about it being too small (mainly looking at photos uploaded on their facebook page, of it being worn on normal-sized males, and the description of it being 10.2cm deep) but after dumping stuff in, turns out it can fit quite a lot! (yes. bags CAN deform!)
apparently it's also strong enough to hold 20kg worth of items! though i still wouldn't want to make any scratches with a sharp textbook corner or something.. it's my new baby ;) (i don't actually know what ripstop nylon is capable of. can you tear a hot air balloon with a textbook? hm probably not.) anyway. i should be studying right now. and i shall do that. meanwhile, bask in the beauty of grey. my current favourite colour.

Monday, June 6, 2011

a list of what bores me (this list will probably bore you)
- fungi
- skin pathology

Sunday, June 5, 2011

typing study notes and just remembered a funny quote from the fish lecturer:
(apparently, some shellfish have a really pointy tooth that they use to stab and kill other shellfish with)

"next time you eat a mussel, and you see a hole in its shell, you know it has been MURDERED."