Sunday, June 26, 2011

craft & quilt fair

yesterday i went to the craft & quilt fair at darling harbour! it's on every year but this was the first time i've been to it & the place was HUGE! there were aisles A-K in 3 halls including a gallery of quilts, hsc textiles works, stalls for the exhibitors, workshops, demonstrations and a food/drinks area with tables. most of the stalls were, unsurprisingly, dedicated to quilting - selling patterns, "fat quarters" (materials with different prints for quilting) etc and there were also electronic sewing machines that can create complex embroidery automatically! (i can only hand-sew, so i found those so high-tech) but i think the best thing is knowing where to get craft materials besides from the 2 main craft-supply stores that are in sydney.

anyway, here are some photos :D

puff quilting? so cute! that tube on the left & the long flat rod is for stuffing the 'puff'

walls of pretty ribbons! from the Craft Queen stall

THE CUTEST STALL EVER! there were sock monkeys everywhere!! i so want to hug the big one! they also sold the hand-dyed red-heeled socks so you can give the monkeys red lips or red butts & books on how to make other animals. (these 'Rockford Red Heel' sock monkeys were from the Campbell's store, Morpeth stall)

what i bought: Penny Black rubber stamps (just the brand that was sold in a some stalls), Ashford pastel wool slivers (i think Merino is slightly softer, but i liked the colours) & some felt sheets from Krazy Kreations

some other stores that i liked: Kelani Fabric, BeBe Bold (contemporary Japanese textiles ie. cute patterns like Shinzi Katoh + kits for projects), By Lynette (they had a larger-than-usual bag of wool fibres for $4, but unfortunately not the white colour that i use the most. the lady passive-aggressively got mad at her husband for telling her not to pack more since they still have a lot at home haha)

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