Friday, December 16, 2011

i love winter. thank goodness summer so far hasn't been hot *touch wood*!
anyway, loving these cozy-looking clothes ;)

long sleeve tailored cardigan in heather brown (graniph)

elbow patch long sleeve sweatshirt in heather grey (graniph)

boat neck border long sleeve tee in green (graniph)

thermal border rib long sleeve tee in burgundy (graniph)
check out the space for your thumb!

highland green leopard fleece botas (toms)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

kino bag!

got this super cute and sturdy canvas tote from Kinokuniya today! it was $7 and they had a bigger one too with an illustration of a girl.

i love how kinokuniya looks at the moment, filled with wonderful illustrations by charles santoso (click here for a link to his blog post with photos). i wonder what they're gonna do with all the posters when they decide to change the decor... i so want one!

(anyway, i should have more posts here in a few weeks - still have to do a few more placements for uni. pray for good weather this weekend peoples T__T i have to drive 10 hours or so to an area that's currently flooding in various spots. fingers crossed it clears up enough by then..)