Thursday, May 12, 2011

veterinary information websites

some useful vet links that i've come across so far. this list is mostly for veterinary students, but for paranoid pet owners who can't stop thinking about a potentially minor problem, the merck vet manual might be a good place to start before then asking for your vet's advice (remember, even a phone call to the vet can be beneficial - better to know all the possibilities in case it is something serious)

Merck Veterinary manual
- quick guide to animal care, diseases, management

- online veterinary education! wikipedia created by UK vet schools.

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)
- collection of recent news, articles, forums where you can talk to other vets from around the world (and help solve cases /search for specialist knowledge). it's free to join if you are a vet student - to get you addicted and join at a fee after graduating.

Veterinary Information Portal (VIP)
(University of Sydney)
- another site with articles (including animal behaviour & welfare science essays created by 3rd year students, summarising recent research findings)

Carnivore Dissection (University of Minnesota)
- labelled images of a carnivore dissection

Horse Dissection (Cornell University)
- labelled images of a horse dissection

- this is a human website, but has useful histopathology images describing many disorders


- also a human website

Normal & Abnormal Mammalian Development (University of Carolina)
- actual scanning electron micrographs! very useful when static images from a book are too unclear

Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition, 2nd edition
- download link to the textbook by Senger

Atlas of Veterinary neuropathology (Cornell University)
- haven't used this, but another resource for the complex brain can't hurt

Introduction (James Cook University)
- inheritance, coat colours, population genetics etc etc (can't remember what else was learnt in that subject -_-")

Human Molecular Genetics, 2nd edition (Tom Strachan & Andrew P Read)
- free online version of the textbook

DPDx (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
- wonderful life cycle diagrams with explanations

Sustainable Control of Internal Parasites of Sheep (University of Sydney)
- basics of integrated parasite control, including a section on anthelmintics

Australian Wool Innovation
- another site for integrated parasite control, mainly on

- haven't used it myself, but it's CATS!

Articles on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis: the amphibian chytrid (James Cook University)
- extensive lists of journal articles & other publications about the chytrid fungus and the decline of the world's frogs :(

Pocket Pets
Diseases of Research Animals (University of Missouri)
- mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters. not the nicest connotations, but useful nonetheless.

Guinea Lynx
- one of the best sites for guinea pig owners, even has a forum to discuss with other owners.

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