Friday, November 11, 2011

see you again in one hundred years ;)

source: Azranom

damn letter

serious faculty letter gave me a short heart attack. yes i do know that i won't get my degree by the end of this semester as i am only in my 3rd year. no need to send an official letter with the word 'NOT' typed in caps lock. i thought i wasn't going to get it at all! apparently two other people have also panicked and contacted the office. ok, back to work.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Q. describe the fungus appearance in histopathology.
A. hyphae, fungus (not yeast), fungal spores.

Q. how would you treat this infection? include both surgical & medical treatments
A. surgically debride the lesion & use an antifungal eg. itraconazole

*background story: an entire exam section on diagnosing skin diseases was based on infectious agents which were covered in the previous semester's lectures & involving unusual and rare diseases.
also, another section seemed like it just asked the same question four times in slightly different ways. who made this exam.