Thursday, September 30, 2010


hahahhaha at this post from 8tokyo

i am very confused lol:
doritos brand also on the same packet?
potage? i know 'potato chips' is usually shortened to "potechi' or "poteji", but potage? hahahahhaha omg.
nevertheless, looks yummmmmyyy!

(hmmm... maybe it is deliberate because it's corn & potato soup flavoured... and soups come from pots. who cares. i've already found it hilarious.)
nat geographic 2010 best environmental photos
the sting ray and frog ones are
( ゚ □ ゚ )

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

losing muscle mass. like charlie bucket's grandparents.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

goin' down the bayou

can't stop listening to songs from the princess and the frog. the storyline is pretty standard, but disney songs are so great, as always!
gonna get the piano book next week when i'm back at uni (and out of the house) x)

also, found a new website -society6- where you can buy illustrators' works on t-shirts, hoodies, ipod/laptop skins, canvas:

love by famous when dead (society6)

and how cute is the colour of this watch!

mint cheapo analog watch (lazyoaf)

Monday, September 27, 2010
such a good site to waste time on

kuky & mcpeekerson

hello world, i am on stuvac. ie catch up week.

here's some videos! (a Czech animation, and a cute overload clip)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

la lune

happy moon festival people!
haha actually i don't really celebrate it, or even like an authentic moon cake.
but look what i got at uni today:

a moon bear gingerbread biscuit! hahaha a sucker for cute packaging XD
it tastes quite good too!

and seeing how i will never watch scott pilgrim in the cinemas... i'll just post this now:

Monday, September 20, 2010

dear internet world,
i'm sure you've heard that bloglines will be closing on october 1
i therefore have had to convert to using google reader.
con: bloglines layout was cleaner and simpler, and there were more viewing options
pro: some of my subscriptions that didn't appear in bloglines are working again in google

so i've had to get up to date with all my posts, saved all the unread ones in my bookmark.

in other news..
STROBE EDGE HAS FINISHED!!!!! turned out to be quite a long series - 10 volumes!
i appreciate finding my go-to font (mr. trebuchet) used in lecture/prac notes :)
in more sad news, scott pilgrim is only shown for one session that is really late in not many cinemas anymore :"(
and everybody hates the person with a last name "strange" who i'm sure didn't create the procedure, but is the one explaining the tedious, illogical, inconvenient procedure of farm extra-mural placements.
"what happens if you don't get any placements?"
"you'll have to make it work"
"what if you don't know anyone who has a farm?"
"use google"

"what if you know someone and want to go to their farm?"
"you have to wait until all listed/approved places are taken first"
"why is that?"
"because that's how it's done"

this is what we have to do:
six 5-day placements at different intensive animal farms (horse stud, beef farm, dairy farm, chicken, sheep, pig)
ie. six weeks of most likely bothering a farmer from having an efficient work week. hopefully this is not the case. also, six weeks of either living at a stranger's house in the countryside (i hope they're used to having useless city students bothering them... but please understand... the uni's making us do this T__T!) or having to find some sort of transport there. (we might have to ask them to pick us up from the closest station! what the helll.......)
my last experience out of the city was accompanied with a gastro problem. i hope this does not repeat. especially out in nowhere with no easy transport.
and we have to complete six weeks of compulsory placements in the space of: january/february (after we put in preferences, after they decide who gets what... - and apparently they have decided on an order for each student without us knowing, so whoever gets the last number is just unlucky, and that's that) and if we haven't completed them before end of third year, we can't do our fourth year. and there's way more students than there are places to go. and each place only takes one student.
why do they make us do this? i don't know.
why don't they organise the placements/groups of people to go simultaneously to save time/effort for the farmer/effort for students finding places and panicking/effort for the uni contacting more places and deciding who goes where? i seriously do not understand. more work for everyone.
that "strange" lady is so despicable. she was the same person who transferred me from a 1 hour away ESP placement to a 3 hour away ESP placement with an email, and after saying that there is an option for people to swap, gives people a two hour deadline after she sends an email to do anything.
bottom line. i do not like this office lady.

hate hate hate hate.

(yes, though the reason for this is that i hate travelling to extremely far and unfamiliar places, unsure of what exactly what i'm doing there, and the fact that accommodation/food/medical access -and most importantly, having to achieve these variables in order to continue with the fourth year or studies- are all uncertainties.)

so many hidden conditions.

vet course: money, driver's license, farm-life.

grammar is not a concern in this post. i'm not proofreading this.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

wish it is the holidays

friday sep 24 5.30pm
free screening of the red shoes at the opera house

from sept 25
the future is wild exhibition at sydney aquarium
(and i still haven't seen the dugongs!)

should i go? maybe i will! uni can't make life that boring -assessment-wise.
(oh btw, i was handling a wallaby in a hessian sack last week, and when i opened its pouch, there was a joey!! i thought at first its teat was really long... but then turned out it was the joey's foot!)

so here's the promised pic:

that boomerang shape thing is its hindleg , and the thing with claws on the right is its arm! (when we opened the pouch wider it was like moving its fingers and going "nooooooo *twitch fingers*")
its eyes were still closed too!
it really doesn't do the cuteness/amazement-causing justice as in real life. it was quite hard getting a good pic, since we didn't want to open the pouch too wide, seeing as it's still hairless and all - and we learnt that joey's are basically fused to the teats when they are newly born... and not sure when that stopped happening. anyway... you can see the black dots where the whiskers will be!!
yea it does look kinda scary here. but the real thing was so cuutttteee!! made me smile in a cheek-hurting kinda way XD

Friday, September 17, 2010

now, to memorise 72 pages of typed notes.
it has been summarised.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

why can't micronutrients be in dessert and not boring tasting and therefore unfrequently eaten things.

Friday, September 10, 2010

a house with no anti-inflammatories \:S < eyebrow up emoticon
had my first continuous migraine bursts that woke me from sleep. now doing the end-of-practical quiz on myself, i guess i have acute meningitis leading to brain-itis. ie: recent (few hours) inflammation of the meninges (covering of the brain that has supplying blood vessels) leading to inflammation of the brain itself . having a diagnosis makes it sound way worse than just having a headache. i heard somewhere that migraines are actually your brain cells dying. and yes it is (kinda). but it's the reverse - injured first, then blood brings things to the dead area that cause pain, to help - no joke.

i can't sleep cos it hurts. and i'm hungry.

(btw, the cbox is now gone :( i guess one spam-ish site found it and now it spread... *tear*)

Friday, September 3, 2010

too much enrichment

for me, that is

bernie disappeared for like 15 minutes a few nights ago, and then suddenly reappeared..
and today i discovered that there's a space behind the garden bed and from there, is a gap underneath the fence! so i looked over the fence, and there he was hopping in the neighbour's yard. maybe our recently mowed lawn is not good enough. so i shook the rabbit food container and he squeezes back under the fence. thank goodness i have hungry rabbits. so that space is now blocked. hopefully there aren't anymore!

next: i see a lump of dried poo stuck to mimi's tail, so whilst trying to be swift & block her path to catch her, i rip a small hole in my favourite uniqlo jeans T__T but it's in a non-noticeable area, so i'll keep on wearing it. so after cutting the stuck poo off, i go back into the backyard, and there's a ginger cat with a collar on the neighbour's tree! it was so cute and seemed stuck, so i was calling to it and shaking the cat food container, and phoebe wasn't defensive/chasing it, so i assumed it was a girl cat. but then after it finally came down from the tree, i saw its balls. and my adoration level slightly decreased. i don't like roaming undesexed male cats.
he was eyeing the bunnies. so i had to put them in.


here's a cute animation that was on a few minutes ago: Minuscule - worms in love

i'll be googling more when i'm not supposed to be studying x)