Friday, September 3, 2010

too much enrichment

for me, that is

bernie disappeared for like 15 minutes a few nights ago, and then suddenly reappeared..
and today i discovered that there's a space behind the garden bed and from there, is a gap underneath the fence! so i looked over the fence, and there he was hopping in the neighbour's yard. maybe our recently mowed lawn is not good enough. so i shook the rabbit food container and he squeezes back under the fence. thank goodness i have hungry rabbits. so that space is now blocked. hopefully there aren't anymore!

next: i see a lump of dried poo stuck to mimi's tail, so whilst trying to be swift & block her path to catch her, i rip a small hole in my favourite uniqlo jeans T__T but it's in a non-noticeable area, so i'll keep on wearing it. so after cutting the stuck poo off, i go back into the backyard, and there's a ginger cat with a collar on the neighbour's tree! it was so cute and seemed stuck, so i was calling to it and shaking the cat food container, and phoebe wasn't defensive/chasing it, so i assumed it was a girl cat. but then after it finally came down from the tree, i saw its balls. and my adoration level slightly decreased. i don't like roaming undesexed male cats.
he was eyeing the bunnies. so i had to put them in.


here's a cute animation that was on a few minutes ago: Minuscule - worms in love

i'll be googling more when i'm not supposed to be studying x)

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