Sunday, August 29, 2010

unwillingly housebound for the weekend doing the horse essay. coincidentally, watched an interesting tv show yesterday about horse-human relationships - ie. the heart-touching not disgust-inducing one - and a horse whisperer taught the presenter this technique that resembles how wild adult horses discipline younger horses, and by the end of it, his horse was following him around without a lead and seem to suddenly love him more! and the horse whisperer said that the horse is probably so relieved to have found someone who understands/communicates like one of their own species :'(

in other news: i've been too sleepy & lazy to put the rabbits in their hutch at night (after they roam the backyard during the day) and i guess they found another place to sleep at night - there is a huge ditch probably 50cm deep and a long pile of dug up sand behind it in the backyard. i shovelled the sand back in to fill the hole, but this morning it was deeper than the first time i saw it :/
touch wood they are still in my backyard relaxing, instead of extending a tunnel somewhere.

it was quite tiring, manual work. my palms are still sweating.

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