Saturday, August 7, 2010

les ふく!

online-window-shopping post!

tsuchiya gumi (graniph)

beatles fab four row (2k by gingham)
(for beatles fans! why are they eaten?? they're not all dead....)

comb over (threadless)

the choir of antarctica (threadless)

recycled canvas backpack -ocean colour (baggu)
omg they're quite cheap - $28! wanttttt desuuuuu.
hmmmm... shall ponder. because shipping is $15 migod more then half of the price.

the letter bag - gunmetal grey (moop)
this one is obviously for looking - $118.

organic weekend tote (abc kitchen via eat drink chic)
for my love of totes and all things française x)

how's uni going (for those who want to know... *looks around. cricket chirp*)?
finally learning about disease processes, i'm starting to wonder how long it takes to feel like you know what you're doing. ie. when the way you problem-solve becomes a reflex.. can't come up with epiphanies all the time like dr. house. maybe when we actually learn about specific diseases? and then i wonder how many examples we're going to be given - and how much we're just gonna have to rely on the disease process..
for the short-term at least, i need to know how to do this for quizzes :(

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