Tuesday, March 31, 2009

haha as if i can refrain for that long xD

looked at some prosected greyhound specimens today, and the smell of the preservative used still remains in my nostril and throat =___=".... described by someone like meat and vanilla essence. meat cake.


read a funny description -forgot where- of dr. chris brown (the "bondi vet" from the channel 10 tv series) that he looked like the chesty bonds man:

*note: bonds is an underwear brand.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


there probably won't be much activity here. until june.
occupée occupée occuppée.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

(probably a pharmacy student's) funny shirt:

on the back: "009 (in the style of james bond with the gun underneath the 00) license to pill"
and then a picture of a chemist in uniform. lol.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my day:

free "buddy BBQ" for lunch

registered for the wildlife society workshops - ape and african wild dogs zookeeper talks - and got the society tote bag for free :D

animal handling class: mice, rats (scary... got the adult ones so they squeaked and was ready to attack our hands. but the albino ones were calmer), rabbits (very docile and didn't kick T__T ureshii..), chickens (very light. and head retracted down when i pat it xD. learnt of such thing as the 'chicken hypnosis', where you tuck their head then hold/move them in a way that traces out a horizontal circle which makes them sleep)

went to the gymnasium with f, m and introduced by a guy who seemed to like the phrase "spread the love" lol. watched the muscular/super fit gymnasts there in awe. jumped around on the trampoline.

got hot choc and sat on the grass.

walked to the book shop and found another free bbq. ate another sausage in a bun - my dinner

attended dr. karl's "science is golden" lecture which is part of the 'science forum' events happening in the uni, and learnt that if santa was to succesfully deliver all the presents to kids on christmas eve, he would be travelling so fast that the heat created would cause him to vapourise lol.

oh, and this morning saw a laundromat uncle wearing a hip shirt saying "same same" on the front, and on the back: "but different".

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i got the A.P.C. catalogue in the mail today - tout le chemin de france!
i'll show u it later, (possibly scans! since i just discovered one in la chambre de mon fr

hahaha he came back from fishing today, and when he walked past the kitchen doorway, all i noticed was a dark thing moving. his skin was QUITE a few shades darker lol.

Friday, March 6, 2009

*note* whilst reviewing cell biology, i realised that i micro-slept through the first new thing learnt since high school -___-... good thing have three textbooks to clarify with.

(and i just learnt that "cella" is latin for a chamber or storeroom.)

(a weird sentence from wikipedia:
"e.g. the 5'HS4 insulator upstream of the chicken β-globin locus")
(and why would you use the term "moribund" instead of "dying". i thought it was a noun.)

photographers i like - part 2

tracy french


photographers i like - part 1

irene suchocki


Thursday, March 5, 2009

la semaine 1ͤ

cell biology is sleep-inducing. especially when it is consecutive two hour lectures and no food has been consumed yet in the day - my head actually drooped for a millisecond this morning.
chemistry. the lecturer's pale red pants and name is the most interesting bit. the rest is explained - i think - way too confusing-ly.
the timetable was cruel to animal husbandry - the lesson was at the OPPOSITE side of the campus, which took around 15-20 min of normal-paced walk from the main vet area. but on the way i bought myself a bunny suicides (that comic) poster ;D
and have to learn a bunch of latin words for anatomy & physiology

as for the actual uni-going experience.... i'm finding it hard to be alert in the morning since i never wake up when the alarm rings, and so no time for breakfast. the day is also REALLY long... and there's A LOT of walking T__T

and after i get home, probably around 2 hours/more is spent on checking uni-related emails, deciding on which second-hand textbook to get from the tons of emails from the older students, finding tomorrow's materials and printing them out, etc etc etc... and by the time everything's done, already time to sleep.

and omg. i've been too preoccupied with refreshing my hotmail page for second-hand textbook replies that i missed life on mars!!... only 15 min left T__T

i'm missing the times when i had time to be bored.


not all bad i guess - i have a new bus buddy every morning, can see lots of international people - only a few from yr 12 by the looks of it, bumping in to old schoolmates - even one from PRIMARY! and discovering new shops with yum lunch-stuffs (like the chicken pesto roll that was so juicy and fresh that made me like eating tomato)
and also got free hot chocolate today ;)

have no class tomorrow :D so going to relax and wake up late but not too late so the day's not wasted...

i'm kinda missing the happy-go-lucky feel of high school -___-"

*another but: i'm voluntarily learning about things i'm interested in. unlike l'anglais ou la religion (not including buddhism which was VERY interesting).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

qu'est-ce qu'a passé?

(the grammar is probably wrong)

first class started at 8am today with animal husbandry -definitely my favourite subject out of the four i do now. it's basically learning about animal care/handling and involves looking at lots of animal pictures on the slideshow presentation, and also contact with ACTUAL animals! it doesn't feel like i'm doing obligatory work at all!
and today the subject was "pocket pets", and the lecturer brought her daughter's pet mice, "princess fiona" and "rapunzel" hahaha that we passed along to everyone in the lecture theatre - they were so cute!! T___T so small and the fur so soft. makes me feel like getting mice for myself XD but we learnt that rats were easier to interact with/teach stuff compared to mice. but still mice are so much cuter!


had 5 hours of lectures before lunch and my stomach and eyes were so tired...

and after lunch, chemistry was replaced by the Q Fever vaccination session which all vet students need to get. so had to go to the medical centre and get a skin/blood test to check if i have the antibodies for it already. the first shot was painful. and the second one to get the blood sample, i was surprised at how fast the blood just flowed out. my blood isn't thick by the looks of it.

then went city, got starbucks frappucino and found the duffy rockferry piano book :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

好きな もの

blue blossom dog hat from Beantown Handmade
boston terriers are so cute (´‒`)

A.P.C. x Nike sneakers

suck.uk teddy bear lamp (•ᴥ•)

premium calpis, i ♥ tea, milk and matcha
(source: pingmag article)
my favourite in japan cos it tastes like the starbucks greentea frappucino

p.s. had my uni orientation last week and starting my first day tomorrow.

*note: i just found the "character map" feature on the computer so i can type symbols like the heart and bear face above