Sunday, March 28, 2010

everyday please.

today was a good day ;)

went to see the olafur eliasson's "take your time" exhibition at the mca

(though the permanent displays were too 'contemporary' for me... made me go
every piece of work is just so cool and different! i won't say anything because the surprise/excitement of seeing the different displays is too wonderful :) -SERIOUSLY don't try to look for information/images on the internet -like i did, trying to find pictures for this post- cos then you'll spoil it for yourself!

postcards from a bookshop at the rocks:

bird cages in an alley - with bird chirps playing from somewhere: (looks like they're floating! hogwarts-y...)

watched how to train your dragon in 3D at eastgardens, and whoa it's such a good 3D movie.

probably it's because the glasses were so clear and didn't fall off my nose, but it was like when i watched monsters v's alien at imax level of clarity! the story was really good too (there needs to be another word created for 'good'), it's more of a normal type -not a 'hyper' dreamworks movie like kung fu panda or cloudy with a chance of meatballs -though i really liked the story of that. i am bad at descriptions. if it's not clear so far. so to express my fondness for it, i'll say that it's one of my favourite dreamworks or pixar movie (but nothing can beat finding nemo).
the funny characters, the cute dragons, that special helmet lol, and the scene where astrid is touching the clouds is so great too... if only..

anyway, can't wait till easter break in two weeks!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my legs and toes keep spazzing (spasm-ing).. please don't get any bulkier..
-is this from eating expired calcium tablets?-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

how many types of BO are there? the really pungent smell that floats as this person walks past, and the one that was accumulating in the (air-con/no window) bus on the way home, was so similar. it's like when i clean up the rabbits' dirty newspapers, stuff them in the plastic bag, press the bag down, and all the urine/toxic gases get pushed out onto my face.
i get worried when i don't notice the smell anymore.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

helep me.

my assignment and what i don't understand:

Required Information:
• Tell us a little about the organism and its taxonomy.
• Why was the organism sequenced?
• How big is the genome? (How did they find out?)
• Are any accessory resources available for this genome :
o e.g. SNP map – what is a SNP?
o Genotyping array: What is a genotyping array?
o BAC library- what is a BAC library and why would you want one?
o Transcriptomics or cDNA or mRNA sequences (What are they? How many? Done as part of project?)
o Why were these resources created?
o What is an ortholog (orthologue) how many one to one orthologs with human does this species have?
• How was the genome sequenced (Technology used? How does it work?)
• Genome statistics (What is an N50? What is a contig? What is a scaffold or super-contig? How much of the euchromatic sequence was covered? What is euchromatic sequence?
• Is there an active research community for this organism-Can you show a table listing locations for research community other web resources for this species?

so many questions T__T... they mislead you into thinking it was a fun assignment...."make a poster about a species' genetic profile"...
it's worth 15% of the genetics mark. which means it's ONLY SEVEN AND A HALF PERCENT of the total "genetics AND biometry" subject! why.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

nothing, really.

had such an uncomfortable dream this morning - my arm and elbow were hurting so badly, like as if a ligament or a huge rubber band held the upper and lower arm together, and suddenly the band slipped and tightened on one side. if that makes sense. basically, intense muscle pain. and then in the dream i was in a bookshop, and saw the horse anatomy lecturer and was contemplating whether to ask him to help me fix it -since it was a dream, and somehow there is a ligament in my elbow. so i didn't know what to do. but then thankfully i woke up, and realised that i was sleeping on my left arm. it was really painful T__T.

one of the lecturers speaks with such a calm, flowing english accent that sounds like those meditation cassettes. the room's lights were also slightly dimmed and two guys fell asleep. mind you, the room is quite small and not many people were around them. it was quite obvious lol.

then on the bus home this businessman was leaning at such an extreme angle while the bus went around the kingsford round-about. it was like a 40 degree lean and HIS HANDS WEREN'T HOLDING ONTO ANYTHING! ie. like a vampire's ability. then he jogged after getting off the bus. how fit.

this is the most interesting my life gets.

assignments start next week...and i've been on holiday mode for two weeks already... so better get my notes ready.
this blog won't be updated for a while :(
unless of course i'm time-wasting.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

want more free time..night times should go slower.

Monday, March 1, 2010


so today was the first day back at uni. i think i got used to not using the internet for a whole month so now i procrastinate -on the computer- less. can't even be bothered to make a stuffs post anymore even though i've got some pics ready! maybe when the weekend comes i'll feel more positive. the cold weather and the silence at home doesn't help. and there's no real living animals in this semester's subjects :(
gonna write assessment dates on my calendar now. たのしそう.

pretty photo on this gloomy post from karen barbé