Sunday, March 28, 2010

everyday please.

today was a good day ;)

went to see the olafur eliasson's "take your time" exhibition at the mca

(though the permanent displays were too 'contemporary' for me... made me go
every piece of work is just so cool and different! i won't say anything because the surprise/excitement of seeing the different displays is too wonderful :) -SERIOUSLY don't try to look for information/images on the internet -like i did, trying to find pictures for this post- cos then you'll spoil it for yourself!

postcards from a bookshop at the rocks:

bird cages in an alley - with bird chirps playing from somewhere: (looks like they're floating! hogwarts-y...)

watched how to train your dragon in 3D at eastgardens, and whoa it's such a good 3D movie.

probably it's because the glasses were so clear and didn't fall off my nose, but it was like when i watched monsters v's alien at imax level of clarity! the story was really good too (there needs to be another word created for 'good'), it's more of a normal type -not a 'hyper' dreamworks movie like kung fu panda or cloudy with a chance of meatballs -though i really liked the story of that. i am bad at descriptions. if it's not clear so far. so to express my fondness for it, i'll say that it's one of my favourite dreamworks or pixar movie (but nothing can beat finding nemo).
the funny characters, the cute dragons, that special helmet lol, and the scene where astrid is touching the clouds is so great too... if only..

anyway, can't wait till easter break in two weeks!

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