Sunday, March 14, 2010

helep me.

my assignment and what i don't understand:

Required Information:
• Tell us a little about the organism and its taxonomy.
• Why was the organism sequenced?
• How big is the genome? (How did they find out?)
• Are any accessory resources available for this genome :
o e.g. SNP map – what is a SNP?
o Genotyping array: What is a genotyping array?
o BAC library- what is a BAC library and why would you want one?
o Transcriptomics or cDNA or mRNA sequences (What are they? How many? Done as part of project?)
o Why were these resources created?
o What is an ortholog (orthologue) how many one to one orthologs with human does this species have?
• How was the genome sequenced (Technology used? How does it work?)
• Genome statistics (What is an N50? What is a contig? What is a scaffold or super-contig? How much of the euchromatic sequence was covered? What is euchromatic sequence?
• Is there an active research community for this organism-Can you show a table listing locations for research community other web resources for this species?

so many questions T__T... they mislead you into thinking it was a fun assignment...."make a poster about a species' genetic profile"...
it's worth 15% of the genetics mark. which means it's ONLY SEVEN AND A HALF PERCENT of the total "genetics AND biometry" subject! why.

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