Monday, September 20, 2010

i appreciate finding my go-to font (mr. trebuchet) used in lecture/prac notes :)
in more sad news, scott pilgrim is only shown for one session that is really late in not many cinemas anymore :"(
and everybody hates the person with a last name "strange" who i'm sure didn't create the procedure, but is the one explaining the tedious, illogical, inconvenient procedure of farm extra-mural placements.
"what happens if you don't get any placements?"
"you'll have to make it work"
"what if you don't know anyone who has a farm?"
"use google"

"what if you know someone and want to go to their farm?"
"you have to wait until all listed/approved places are taken first"
"why is that?"
"because that's how it's done"

this is what we have to do:
six 5-day placements at different intensive animal farms (horse stud, beef farm, dairy farm, chicken, sheep, pig)
ie. six weeks of most likely bothering a farmer from having an efficient work week. hopefully this is not the case. also, six weeks of either living at a stranger's house in the countryside (i hope they're used to having useless city students bothering them... but please understand... the uni's making us do this T__T!) or having to find some sort of transport there. (we might have to ask them to pick us up from the closest station! what the helll.......)
my last experience out of the city was accompanied with a gastro problem. i hope this does not repeat. especially out in nowhere with no easy transport.
and we have to complete six weeks of compulsory placements in the space of: january/february (after we put in preferences, after they decide who gets what... - and apparently they have decided on an order for each student without us knowing, so whoever gets the last number is just unlucky, and that's that) and if we haven't completed them before end of third year, we can't do our fourth year. and there's way more students than there are places to go. and each place only takes one student.
why do they make us do this? i don't know.
why don't they organise the placements/groups of people to go simultaneously to save time/effort for the farmer/effort for students finding places and panicking/effort for the uni contacting more places and deciding who goes where? i seriously do not understand. more work for everyone.
that "strange" lady is so despicable. she was the same person who transferred me from a 1 hour away ESP placement to a 3 hour away ESP placement with an email, and after saying that there is an option for people to swap, gives people a two hour deadline after she sends an email to do anything.
bottom line. i do not like this office lady.

hate hate hate hate.

(yes, though the reason for this is that i hate travelling to extremely far and unfamiliar places, unsure of what exactly what i'm doing there, and the fact that accommodation/food/medical access -and most importantly, having to achieve these variables in order to continue with the fourth year or studies- are all uncertainties.)

so many hidden conditions.

vet course: money, driver's license, farm-life.

grammar is not a concern in this post. i'm not proofreading this.

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