Sunday, September 19, 2010

wish it is the holidays

friday sep 24 5.30pm
free screening of the red shoes at the opera house

from sept 25
the future is wild exhibition at sydney aquarium
(and i still haven't seen the dugongs!)

should i go? maybe i will! uni can't make life that boring -assessment-wise.
(oh btw, i was handling a wallaby in a hessian sack last week, and when i opened its pouch, there was a joey!! i thought at first its teat was really long... but then turned out it was the joey's foot!)

so here's the promised pic:

that boomerang shape thing is its hindleg , and the thing with claws on the right is its arm! (when we opened the pouch wider it was like moving its fingers and going "nooooooo *twitch fingers*")
its eyes were still closed too!
it really doesn't do the cuteness/amazement-causing justice as in real life. it was quite hard getting a good pic, since we didn't want to open the pouch too wide, seeing as it's still hairless and all - and we learnt that joey's are basically fused to the teats when they are newly born... and not sure when that stopped happening. anyway... you can see the black dots where the whiskers will be!!
yea it does look kinda scary here. but the real thing was so cuutttteee!! made me smile in a cheek-hurting kinda way XD

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