Friday, June 10, 2011


look what came in the mail today:

(this is the peak of my paint-program skill.)

it's my BAGGU daypack!

i was slightly worried about it being too small (mainly looking at photos uploaded on their facebook page, of it being worn on normal-sized males, and the description of it being 10.2cm deep) but after dumping stuff in, turns out it can fit quite a lot! (yes. bags CAN deform!)
apparently it's also strong enough to hold 20kg worth of items! though i still wouldn't want to make any scratches with a sharp textbook corner or something.. it's my new baby ;) (i don't actually know what ripstop nylon is capable of. can you tear a hot air balloon with a textbook? hm probably not.) anyway. i should be studying right now. and i shall do that. meanwhile, bask in the beauty of grey. my current favourite colour.

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