Thursday, July 22, 2010

relaxed life ends soon

well, uni's starting again on monday, so postings will probably drop in number (unless of course seriously boring tasks appear and i cannot help myself)

in the meantime, here's a strange picture i found while facebook-stalking (face-stalking?) a person from my class (entire course is in the same class):

look at the cat in the back!! wth it's biscotti's soulmate! (or doppelganger!) hahahhaa and guess wat - i'm NOT lying- IT HAS THREE LEGS TOO!!! (and also the same leg!)
i still think biscotti's cuter though hehe, FO SHO! i like fatter cats.

oh oh oh and this blog: kagonekoshiro, has all my favourite cat features in the one cat!! nyuuuuuuu!!! fluffy fur, round face, and extremely thick tail like a snow leopard!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhh! if only it was a blue-coloured british shorthair, then it will be perfect.

*note - cute overload followers will recognise him as the famous tomato-balancing cat, amongst other talents (highly recommended link - hint: a cat with a cabbage hat! ahahhahahahhaha).

**note - for those that haven't seen biscotti in real life, the black and white pattern of the cat in the picture is nearly the same! look here for reference.

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