Tuesday, July 6, 2010


there's gonna be a FUJIKO F. FUJIO MUSEUM!!
it will open on the 3rd September 2011 in Kawasaki, where the mangaka was born.

according to anime news network:

A rotating selection of the artist's collection of about 50,000 original drawings will be in the museum's exhibition room, which is decorated like a school classroom. There will also be an outdoors playground, a recreation of Fujio's room, a theater for screening various shorts, a sofa-furnished reading gallery, and a "panorama box" (pictured at right) that will serve as one of the entrances. Part of the 2,800-square-meter (about 30,000-square-feet) facility will be devoted to a restaurant and shopping area.

here's some pictures from the pdf the staff released:

go to the official site for artist impression pictures of the building and what's gonna be on each floor! cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

in the meantime, however, feast your eyes on DORAEMON グーズ!! X)

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