Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i should get out of the house more

this late 30s/early 40s woman was browsing some magazines in the bowen library book sale next to me, and an oldish man - not a grandpa or typical crazy looking, starts a conversation with her, "you read them?", "no, i've never read new scientist before, but thought i might, since they're so cheap"; then out of nowhere, he says, "do you want to go out?".
ahahhahahhahhaa what theeeee
i thought they came together!
and then she said she's married, and he said something about her looking like she had a good heart or some other sweet (and funny lol she probably saw i suddenly had a huge grin when he asked her out. though probably not for her) compliment, then she replied, "i hope your heart is good too" lol ahhahaha

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