Friday, December 11, 2009


wool biscotti is finished!


her duck print X)

yeah the ears make her look like a dog, but everything else is there :D stuffing the black wool onto her head made me realise how stupid her 'hair' print looks lol. reminds me of johnny depp in willy wonka cos that's the style i automatically think of when people say bad haircut. anyway. felt really weird when i had to shorten her neck (cos i was following instructions to make a deer) and had to basically decapitate her T___T and then rejoin it (karma.. i meant good..)

thought i'd show biscotti. but surprisingly instead of ignoring it like she does with everything/one, she starts attacking it! so now at least i know she likes wool-y things.. migod i got shocked though - she actually grabbed it and bit it! haihhhh if it fell apart omg.

size comparison (hm. useless if u dunno her head size.)

got a free sample for purina supercoat, and (apparently) it tastes better. so i'm giving it as a treat.

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