Monday, December 28, 2009


wow. seeing their super idyllic world where everything is connected and how every single thing knows that fact, and how everything is just plain cool - especially at night - makes me want to live in pandora T__T . life also seems so exciting! (yea only seeing a 2 and a half hour version of it). i can't IMAGINE how you can get used to being so high up in the sky though (the scenes on trees -__-"). anyway, watching it in 2D made me want to watch the 3D version so badly cos everything was already so different and grand and vivid. and even though the reviews said the visuals are amazing but the story could be more creative, you can't help but still feel frustrated about what's happening but still wanna be happy for yourself. kinda reminded me of the bbc tribes kombai episode. so what do i think about the movie? the first word: wow.

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