Monday, December 14, 2009

the australian, why didn't you publish the winners to the road to hogwarts comp as promised T__T ??? i felt bad flicking through the paper in the newsagent that i actually bought it. and then when i finally found the announcements section, it wasn't there T___T i read it so many times and screamed at it. :( :( yea i know.. probably not gonna win but STILL there's always hope! and also going there as a holiday some day is a nice thing to look forward to :)

i read that apparently full moons make people behave more violently. well, patients in hospitals anyway. and the next one is gonna be on NEW YEAR'S DAY!! no one does anything on the night of the new year, right? everything on the eve? ah dunno lah.

so sleepy.

taking the citizenship test tomorrow. 20 multiple choice questions. so before this... all you had to do was apply?

what i have started: a 3rd rock from the sun marathon. 'tis wonderful -‿-

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