Sunday, December 27, 2009

hope everyone had a fun xmas day :D
for some reason (besides the decorations, rearranged furniture, michael buble music, gift opening) the mood wasn't especially christmas-y.. just seemed like another family get together eating yummy food. not that that's ever a bad thing!

alien in the salad.

anyhow. here's our first proper tree!

i didn't know that the branches drop down like a plane tray table being opened when they get older! but they do! enough exclamation.

haha watched the grinch and then afterwards took photos of the presents hahahhaha yess... the message got to me... but still. new things are always nice to look at xD

yes i do like cats. but please don't turn me into a cat lady T__T (like that lady who registered my data for the citizenship test. her cubicle was filled with cat things - pictures, pen holder, some wooden cat faces on the pin board. and when she got up to get a print out, her chair swivelled and on the back there was an a4 paper stuck on with a picture of a really sad cat wearing a hello kitty costume with the type "don't move my chair" underneath)

and then at night, watched Coraline in 3D in a fully darkened room as advised. but got tired after a while cos my eye won't adjust T__T. and with the chilly weather, fell asleep. finished if today and the story is actually quite creepy...

then today... went boxing day shopping :) and time for a loot list hehe:
big bang theory season 1 dvd yay!
georgia nicholson series books
hana to yume (70% off!) with a hana kimi one-shot!! ohhhhhh


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