Tuesday, December 29, 2009

windows why do you start downloading updates without asking me??? the net is super sloww already and as i am typing this, it has suddenly completed. from "20%" done a second ago -___-"

went to the brother's newsagency today (promotion hehe) which is opening on new year's day! so if you are in the city (in sydney) and need some newsagency-appropriate things.... go to the one on kent st! hehe it's 3 streets after the pitt st mall one. sticking price tags on the things though, i discovered their evilness. i shall just thank goodness that nearly all the stationery i use i've received as birthday gifts ie. rarely need to buy. yea. back to the point though: SHOP THERE! ahahhahahaha. and admire the nice, newly renovated interior too while you're inside :)

drove to buy some stuff from coles and la soeur decided to take the chance to teach me wisdoms at shell. so filled the car with petrol - 'vpower'. whatever that is - and whilst being conscious not to flick some around while putting the thing back in to its holder (what is it called?), i poured some onto the front of my pants T__T. good thing i wore dark coloured pants, but unfortunately, it was the heavy material, baggy/flare-y type T__T. so my legs smelt T__T. and then was paranoid about my pants catching fire.

um yea. going to the moonlight cinema tomorrow!! yayy! i've never been to an outdoor film before :D

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