Friday, April 29, 2011


- typing notes with tired eyes staring at the computer screen
- i look to the left & see biscotti stretched out asleep on the bed. envy T__T.

btw, this evening i took this new path to a bus stop, and passed a fluffy cat sitting infront of a person's front door - the first street-roaming cat i've seen in the neighbourhood! (who coincidentally looks like Phoebe!) his name was nero (it said on the collar's tag) and he was so fluffy! long & very thick fur that was slightly crimped! of course i gushed idiotically in a high voice. and he came over!! so i patted him and he meowed and brushed against my legs *awwww friendly stranger cat!* after taking some photos + recording his cuteness (or might be a girl. dunno.. nero sounds like a boy's name) i walked away and he followed! awwww attention-seeking cat! i don't mind. not enough cats in my life.

marking the tree

another photo: cute card illustrated by anita jeram

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