Saturday, October 10, 2009


don't know what it stands for still.

update on the ESP place that i was ranting about before:
that place is actually one of the best ones you could get! (besides the location) the vet/owner is a specialist (i couldn't hear what he said.. very soft voice. though he talks a lot. very grandpa-like) and in the waiting room, there's like 30 awards framed on the wall and on shelves, including runner up for best business in western sydney in 2000, and in between my first and second visits there, they won another one for best staff training! whoaaa

the first visit, we (went with another student) didn't really do anything.. just stood around trying not to block people's paths, then watched the vet that was called in from somewhere remove a lump from a cat's eye and remove plaque. we were pretty useless. it'll be another 1-2 years until we actually know anything medical -___-".
and then talked to the nurse about communication.. the purpose of our visit.. and she was actually talking about all the stuff we were taught in class! people actually use them in real life! but still. the lectures still feel like i'm in a self-help seminar. we had to watch this video titled "what's right with the world" with a former national geographic photographer talking about positive thinking, how you see what you believe, instead of believe what you see... etc etc. i liked the content, but it was so happy. like pleasantville.

anyway. even though we just stood around most of the time, stayed for FOUR hours omg. supposed to only stay for two.

the second visit was really good though - there was four clients. the first was this boxer cross staffy that had a cut between his digits and the vet was sensing that he might not return after (i missed this :"( looking too much at the dog instead of at the client's 'non-verbal messages') so he had to clean and bandage it before they went. and then there was a BEAUTIFULLLL rhodesian ridgeback that was HUMONGOUS!! i've never seen them before, and he was so tall and long! he was a pedigree too - got a tattoo in the ear. and when the owner said how he's not good for the showring because his ridge was incomplete. i was like, hmmm... she obviously didn't watch that documentary. but yes.

and then a cat came in to get an ultrasound for kittens! and the tough-looking tattooed bulky owner guy was hugging the really slim cat and kissing its head and all i could think was the cat-yodeling video.. so couldn't stop smiling for a bit lol.

and then there was a really scared dog that had to get its dew-claw removed. so the vet just yanked it out.

anyway. listening to the vet talk, i'm really not looking forward to running my own business. i didn't know that there was so much to do~ T__T and because i'm gonna be poor, there's so much you have to think about to ensure you don't go bankrupt...get clients to pay... marketing... etc etc and the maintenance fees, employees... business was one of the things i intentionally left out in high school T__T and also all the policies/law about being a business owner/vet.
i really hope they spoon-feed us about how to do all these things. good thing i went with a partner. the vet was looking at him when he was explaining all these things. probably sensed that i had no clue what he was talking about.

have to interview and do a presentation the next (last) visit in two weeks.

can't wait til summer holidays!!

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