Tuesday, October 27, 2009


there was a book sale today - $20 for 7 books. but the topics were weirdly specific, there was one about keeping ostriches. anyway, there was a box of squishy cows and the lady near it was holding a bunch of paper encouraging people to join whatever it was, which turned out to be this 'continuing education' group for postgraduates (googled it just now). but anyhow she said, 'sign up and you can get a cow' so everyone did and then walked away squishing the cows. yes. a seriously cute and successful bribery.

posing on the discounted 2009 foodies' guide to sydney which i just bought on the way home

ahahhaha so cute!

and for a biscotti update:

came home dusty one night. that is not a shadow on her face.

i am hidden.

what i mean when i say her feet are 'tucked in' like a pigeon sitting xD

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