Friday, October 30, 2009

IKEA, cobbitty

went to IKEA yesterday and ate their meatballs for the very first time:

and it was sooo yummy! the meatballs were actual-meat tasting, juicy and just saliva-inducing, their gravy was smooth and tasted real, mashed potato potato-ey (i am not good with descriptions. basically they tasted like their actual ingredients and not at all like fast-food stuff) and the lingoberry jam was sooooo delicious-o!! ahhhh i wouldn't mind buying their meatballs or jam home.. but i had to carry a lot of stuff (had farm/camden the next day so was staying at a friend's place to get a lift there) so next time for sure!! mmmmmmm köttbullar....

total dinner cost = $4.50 (including their soft serve ice cream XD)

anyhoo. today is the last day of classes. so after next week's study vacation and exams, which finish on the 19th for me.... I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

but of course. this means i have to do some study and not lie on the bed guiltily and never get up again until the next day.

but back to the ikea/camden days, visited the cobbity (near camden) winery and tried some of their wines (in a little cough-medicine-lid size plastic cups). eh hem. but i was more interested in the non-alcoholic stuff, which were unfortunately not available for sampling :( but their labels looked nice :)

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