Friday, October 23, 2009

yesterday was my last ESP visit. kinda sad because that vet is really one anyone would want to strive to be (except if you wanna work in a high-tech facility all modern and clinical animal hospital). besides being TALL, he BIKES (as in CYCLES!) to and from work everyday for FOUR HOURS migod exercise. (btw all these info is from an interview that we did yesterday) he has a team that he enjoys working with, everyone is friendly and seems very comfortable, he's NOT stressed, he also trains people in his workplace, and he is incredibly calm! even just watching him doing consultations, everything is so relaxed but the client seem to listen to him too. (this is sounding like an advert. but seriously, this is REALLY a good vet to go to if you live in the area -remember the tons of awards i mentioned!) anyway.

while we were waiting for him to finish some surgeries, stood around as usual and there was a box with holes on the lid, and the nurse said we could open it. so we did. and there were FOUR KITTENS INSIDE STACKED ON EACH OTHER THAT LOOKED UP WITH SUPER CUTE EYES omg. i've NEVER seen anything so cute after opening a box!!! nyohhhhhhhhhhh omg.

and then we did a presentation as a 'thank you' on communication skills and handling difficult situations, and as always, the lovely public speaker that i am, i demonstrated what i was talking about, saying that non-verbal communication, such as a person's physiological responses -sweating, flushing- reveals the true nature of what a person is feeling, compared to what they are actually saying.

and just my luck, i put in my brown travel 10, that i nearly scrunched up straight away since it was up to the last one, but then i looked at it and THE TENTH TICKET DIDN'T PRINT ON THE CARD!! ahahahhahaha i have found the legendary bus ticket for emergencies that will never end!! ahahahhaha ehem.

ok. time to do some productive things. only have two weeks left to study for exams. ja mata!

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