Monday, December 27, 2010


i found this book while browsing the kino crafts section, and decided to make a few projects as xmas gifts!

source: ebay (click to see sample pages)

the first is a yaki-mochi! the grilled mochi bubbles out in a panda shape X)

first i stitched a rectangular prism made out of normal felt sheets in white, and filled it with felt cut offs, then i wrapped the wool fibres around and poked it with needles so the wool fibres interlock with the felt prism underneath. and for the panda, i rolled wool fibres into a ball, and poked it some more with a needle until it turns into a firm ball, added the nose/ear/black wool fibres for the eye patch/eye balls and then poked it to attach it to the mochi. the first time i heard of this technique, it sounded like magic! anyway..

next is grilled squid on stick!

i glued the base of a paddlepop stick onto one edge of a rectangular piece of cream-coloured felt sheet, and then rolled the sheet until the other edge meets the first glued end, and then stuck that on. then i cut out two holes so the paddlepop stick can be inserted through the squid. after that, i cut out three 'knife-scores' on the front, and filled it with cream coloured felt strips. and then wrapped purple-coloured wool fibres around the squid and needled it. and finally added a triangle-shaped purple bit on the top (don't know what part of the anatomy that is!) - i also used a felt sheet in the middle so it's easier to start needle felting the wool fibres on.

last is a wall hanging thing for a baby's room.

same method as before - roll and attach stuff to make the panda head, and then cut out shapes of stars & moon from a felt sheet of similar colour, and then wrap wool fibres & poke it with a needle. and finally just have to insert a string (i used double layer of thick cotton) through each item, and tie 3 knots on the base of each so that they don't slip down. and make a loop at the top for hanging.

and i put them in this gift box (instructions from an origami book) & added decorative sticky tape along the sides (you can decorate more/write/draw stuff on the box too, since it's just paper).

surprisingly it only took two days to make them all! i remember the first needle-felting i made (biscotti1 & 2) took like a week -__-"!