Thursday, December 23, 2010

this is what i mean when i say that punk loves to snuggle.

awwwwwwwwww! i can't help but feel so loved. don't you wish you have a cat like that? ;)

meanwhile, eva is very content just lying on the carpet.

more on her later. she is a very strange kitty indeedy.


  1. itu persian kitty sapa punya la?

  2. my friend's pets - i'm minding their pets while they're away on holidays. i think it's a 'maine coon' breed.

  3. hooo...
    niwei, nanti kamuh pindahan gimana? can you still bring along biscotti, and those guineapigs?

  4. yep, biscotti harus jadi indoor cat..hopefully she gets used to it quick. guinea pig nya uda mati :( in july. she was old. tapi nanti the two rabbits dibawa, paling tinggal di luar di depan, nanti di block pake pet fence or something.

  5. huooo adapt for everybodehh... ;D