Sunday, December 26, 2010

♪♫ on the day after xmas..

we go boxing day sales shopping ;D i went at 7.30am and the city was already crowded! though not as frantic as previous years where security guards had to shuffle people through one entrance only. people were walking, not running. maybe because it was raining. but anyhoo, definitely calmer & less claustrophobic, also shorter (not that many) lines to some of the designer stores.

surprisingly, i found some things!

t-shirt ($15!), shorts, socks, grey & turquoise nail polish (matchingly named "down low" & "up beat" xD)

afterwards, we had a lovely sandwich brunch at the dymocks cafe mmmmm. i had the dymocks club sandwich (chicken/bacon/avocado/salad/herb mayonnaise on wholemeal bread) & my cousin had the smoked salmon/cream cheese/capers/avocado/salad on wholemeal bread. their food is always so delicious and with very generous portions! (no food bloggers around, so we just ate it and didn't take photos xD)

photos of xmas pressies (& more cat photos) to come :D

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