Saturday, December 4, 2010

finders keepers

went to the finders keepers market today :D !


there were lots of new stalls this year, though i wished there were more things in the art gallery. i especially liked this illustration by lauren carney:

these paper buildings by the paper convention were near the entrance. for a gold coin donation, they also had colourful geometric paper head bands that lots of people folded and wore.

we then went to a paper workshop by dear plastic on how to make paper from milk cartons:

it was simpler than i expected! and the texture of recycled paper (from pulp) is so... natural.. and crafty x) but after we finished browsing the markets, it wasn't dry enough yet for us to peel off without ripping it, so we had to leave without our small rectangle creation :( next project to do at home :D

this nice band was playing whilst we were making the paper:

got this super cute plate from the storybook rabbit

it was really hard choosing which one to get, all the designs were so lovely! they also had really pretty library book bags with a stream of different patterns of triangles on the top, and also t-shirts. but in the end, i chose this plate, which i will never eat off, and will just display and smile at.

the market was followed by lots and lots of eating. but most memorably: at bourke st bakery
a yummy pork & pancetta sandwich with PEAR MAYO - yes you heard right. it actually went well with the pork and not as weird as it sounds! a really nice and chocolate-y iced chocolate with some fancy chocolate brand which i forgot the name of (*update: it's callebaut chocolate). and of course a sausage roll ;) this time - the lamb.

finally going to watch harry potter tomorrow! xD
and probably followed by a bowen library dvd marathon ;)
good night :D

(photos from me & the sister)

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