Friday, November 6, 2009

took a while

i just discovered a FILTER feature in my pentax camera! now i can finally make professional looking photos *tear*
the first one in each is the original picture. yea. the photo i used in the last post wasn't the original (i used to 'autofix' it since it was a bit dark
-good site if you, like me sadly, dunno how to use photoshop. plus it has cool features like if you wanna make a 'photobooth' style print out of 4 photos in a row, or if u wanna rotate pictures at an angle -yes i don't even know how to do that- etc etc it's quite cool! and it's free! u don't even have to make an account to use it :-0) getting off topic.

here they are (click to make them bigger):

Text Color

i wished there was a way to type this kind of emoticon (relief "ahhh~" face) with keyboard symbols:

the button above the enter key is pretty misleading because it's supposed to be a straight line with a gap in the middle, but when u type it, the gap disappears: |
so instead of that face sideways, it turns out like |D

obviously i am feeling guilty right now. i have done nothing productive today.

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