Thursday, November 12, 2009

dust eater update

i thought i'll give an update on the dust eaters.
rabbits are not supposed to live in a hutch, or a 'cage' which it seems more like at the moment... if only our house was rabbit friendly (ie missing a certain person who doesn't like seeing hair not attached on bodies) and not being all-wood-furnished. but back to the story...

improvements: they associate me with food :D so when i go in (after initially letting them out and getting the 'i hate you' back leg flick) they hop and follow me! yea, it's actually more only the girl :( even though she's incredibly angry - the most accurate description anyone who's seen her will give - she's not....boring. like the boy is. ie not just sit underneath the shelves and get abused by the alpha female. and today, since i finished the most bulky exam to study for, i sat with them in the garage for a while. and i just noticed that bunnies chew with their mouths open while looking all serious! and when i sat beside mimi, or who i call 'mimip' now, i stretched my leg and she licked my leg! ahahhaha that sounds gross, but it's so cute when u see it in real life! this is probably very uninteresting. my life is uninteresting.

here's some photos of them when i first brought them out to the backyard. the sunlight made them squint most of the time ahhhahha so they only opened their eyes and start to hop when i block the sun with my head lol

ahhahhaa did the last picture scare you XD ?

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