Saturday, November 28, 2009

lack of updates since my internet has gone slow just in time for the start of the holidays *yay!*
and for rather exciting news, i'm starting driving lessons next thursday :D all i can do is basically make turns and keep to the speed limit. i don't think i can change lanes safely yet, i tend to look back by turning my actual head as i was told to do by the mother -___-" . but whenever i do that, my view gets blocked by the car i'm driving, i dunno wat to look at, and cos i'm concentrating, i slow down the car - which is not encouraged when driving in multi-laned road apparently. and an illegal jay-walker waved his hand repeatedly to signal that he will let me drive pass even though i was going at about 15km/hr only already. i quite like the feeling when i make a smooth turn though :) and looking forward to when the 'instructor' in the passenger's seat actually teaches me things. like to PUT ON MY SEATBELT migod i drove without one for about 20 minutes. and not have both hands grasping onto things to secure herself inside the vehicle.

here's a picture of chinta that reminded me of the frogs suctioned onto their glass aquarium at the zoo.

i shall now wait for the super slow ninemsn page to load the harry potter competition entry page.

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