Tuesday, July 28, 2009

illustrators i like - part 4

this is marc johns

i smile and think how wonderfully random and original his mind is everytime i see his creations! he also draws on yellow post-it notes with pens and highlighters.

he was actually the first illustrator that inspired me to start these "illustrators i like" posts, but i couldn't choose a favourite from his work so i kept on putting off this entry, even though it was meant to be the first one.

some of the ones i like (out of the EVERY single piece of his work which i also adore!), and a link to his blog post showing pages from his book (now published!):
seriously there's none that i don't find amusing! and i still can't rank them, really. so go to his site and flickr and smile away ;) definitely worth the hour (probably the entire/more) of discovery.


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