Monday, July 20, 2009


today was a good day :)

had lunch at passionflower since it was a really warm winter's day and the george st store is having $8 dessert deals to celebrate their anniversary!! amazingly only 3 items -the crazily priced $30-$40 ones- aren't included! so ordered 3 things for 3 people. mmmm dessert... never fail to make me smile....
we had: the "superstar" with black sesame (yum-0), sticky rice with actual sticky-rice-y bits (now my 2nd favourite flavour) and taro ice cream, and also mochi with black sesame on the outside which was cho oishi!!

also had waffles (with more ice cream) and banana crepes (and again, plus des glaces)

at sussex centre, there was this new shop, "zakka house", opposite the cat shop (momo) with cute plushies, stationery with cat illustrations so how could i not go in... and bought this diary with super nice illustrations to use for next year! it had a PVC cover and 3 pages of stickers too :D and the korean's translated to proper english as well!

click to zoom (romane)

i'll post about the other cute stuffs later so not too overloaded with pics

then wandered in to the other CD shop on the top level that i've never bought anything from, and finally found HANDSOME SUITS!!!

it's an original DVD from malaysia! (unless the hologram's a fake, but the quality looked real when the guy played it) anyways.

synopsis from nippon cinema:
The Handsome Suit, the new comedy based on a paperback novel written by “SMAP x SMAP” variety show writer Osamu Suzuki will be released on November 1, 2008. The story involves a goofy looking chef named Takuro (Muga Tsukaji) who has never been with a woman in his 33 years. When his mother dies he returns from studying abroad in Italy to take over ownership of her diner, “Kokoro-ya”. Although his food is a hit with the ladies, his face and body are not. He falls in love with a part-time worker at the diner (Keiko Kitagawa) but she’s not attracted to him. One day Takuro enters a men’s wear store and a conspicuously good-looking store manager says he has the perfect suit in mind for him. The suit seems too tight, but as he reaches half an arm through one of the sleeves he’s transformed into a handsome new version of himself (Shosuke Tanihara). Soon his luck with women takes a turn for the better, to say the least

hehe i probably wouldn't notice it if it wasn't written by the SMAPXSMAP skit writer!
and Kokoro-ya happens to be the name of the new Jap restaurant in Maroubra hmmm...

then walked back to city, got updated on Skip Beat! volume 11 in Kino, watched the moon landing debate (ie. whether it happened or not, or "the alleged landing on the alleged moon" discussion xD)with dr. karl kruszelnicki and adam goldstein from sleek geeks. so dr karl went through the 7 (lol) steps of the apollo 13 mission ("inject" astronaut into rocket. fly rocket and go around the earth a bit. fly towards moon, orbit moon a bit, land. do moon activities, collect samples. return back to rocket. fly back. get astronauts out) and the myths like why there weren't any stars in the sky (in the background space), why the flag was moving and why it wasn't straight, how the astronauts' footprints remained after the lunar mobile (or whatever its name is, i forgot) landed, why the astronauts weren't burnt from the earth's nuclear fields (or something like that) when they flew out, were explained. after being brought up by (dr?) adam goldstein and supported by the super dramatic fox8 documentary with green target signs which hovered around the screen with red prehistoric-computer-font which appeared with loud typewriter sound effects and was full of intense drums playing in the background. and after the debate was over, more people believed that it was a hoax. eh?

hunger came.

ate tonkatsu @ miso in world square.



  1. Handsome suit is a horrible, horrible film. Can't believe I wasted 3900 yen (plus shipping) ordering it from Japan, LOL. The only reason why I bought that DVD is because ever since I was a fat kid on elementary school, I kind of wished that there's a magical suit that makes you instantly skinny. LOL.

  2. haha yea i was expecting a super silly film. but mine wasn't too expensive, from chinatown, so bought it anyway ^__^". i liked the "handsome" character's scenes though... shameful..(?) XD